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  • xD I dunno there are several. Like fromer NSauce, KSX, Eva, Chromatic. Meh just to name a few I know of.
    I wouldn't mind. It'll give me something to do in the meantime of transitioning between schools.
    xD well I even joined another site at the request of a few friends who actually were also in your Bleach rp.

    Besides all of that, life has been a ticker. Each day something happening to keep me focused or more busy than i really want to be. But oh well.
    Wow sorry for just getting around to this. Seems like the new UI doesn't highlight notifications when you get them. Hrm. Well in any case I've been doing p good. Yourself?
    No. They didn't care. Someone else on the site decided to use the words offensively out the two billion times it's been used, ruining it. Ass. xD
    Nope, still single. Although there is a really nice guy on here I've been talking to since November.

    What about you? Anything interesting happen?
    Yeah, but it looks like the fever's going to break soon. So that's good news, and it looks like that case of the blahs has cleared out too. :D

    Okay, I'll see about getting some people to join your RP. :)
    I've been doing okay, I've got a bit of a headache *nothing new recently* and I've had a case of the blahs recently; I feel sorry for Dream's little black cat, Zoey's not feeling well she was (still is but she's not as warm) a fever yesterday. We've got Dream's cat on antibiotics so the sweet little thing can get feeling better.
    Haven't see you around here in a good few months. haha

    Not much is up, just been bringing my rping needs to another site. Actually, I got a good bleach rp going on over there. xD What you been up to lately?
    xD really me? I mean, if it's okay with you, I wouldn't mind it at all. :3

    Probably just a day, well after the current affairs are taken care of, i'd at least give a day of a time skip just so that the events of what had already happened can be reflected upon. I've been urging everyone to have their characters to retreat to Urahara's shop. I guess we just kinda need some others to post before that can happen :/
    Hey it's no problem with me, I'm patient when it comes to rps, especially ones i love. I can't say the same about the others, especially Nigga Sauce and Endless(though I think he has a bit more patience than NS). I know what it's like to be too busy for other affairs. I have been in your shoes about 2 years ago.

    I will offer up a suggestion.

    To avoid any holding up or whatever, perhaps you should appoint a GM to take care of things and give the "okay" for the others to do stuff. Could help speed up things. Though in all honesty, a time-skip is what we all need lol

    Idk man, it's your rp, so your call in the end. ^^;
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