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  • Aw that sucks. I'm about halfway through Vens story now. I'm playing on Proud. What difficulty you working on?
    Eh. I was happy with the amount of time off. I've been so unproductive this summer. Not that I wasn't also last summer, but I figure I should have done something like work. I've still got a week left until I move back in. EVERYONE HERE IS ALREADY GONE.
    I don't even bother reading the stuff on here. There's barely a point to me. I cheated myself a little bit, but I can't get BBS for a while due to lack of PSP and money.

    And you started this early? My break is from like, May 13th to September 8th, so i've got a few weeks left still
    Happy belated birthday! I turned 19 back in June.
    And I barely even come on here anymore...clearly. Haha. and when i do, its never for anything kh related.

    and ive been fine. i go back to college on the ninth, so im sorta eager about that. how have you been?
    Haha sure why not...You do have talent then! :p

    What if it was you?? That would be funny. Maybe...

    Hahaha most likely not. I'm gonna be really stingy about saving my money this year. Plus, you have the computer to look up tips or help if you need it. I don't think I would but the book...Unless I really needed help...

    Well I'm usually on all the time as well. You should really see me. Unless your sleeping all day. xD
    Hahaha right...I guess you could say that. Or maybe people are just bored out of their minds, and need to talk to somebody?? xD

    Because of cake?? I would just not eat it that's all. Or throw it at somebody...

    Lol well I would hope you would get other games for it. If I only got one game for that whole system...Then I err...Would probably get bored soon after playing that one game...

    I am mostly on lots. On Facebook...I have not seen you. Though I just respond to my messages here and leave rather quickly... :p
    Well just be on Facebook and you can keep me up all night... Lol

    Cake is gross, end of story! :p

    Well that's good. Even if they are game systems?? I think my next new system will probably be the 3DS though. Whenever that comes out.

    Have you been on?? I really don't know...
    Okay! Cause yeah you said that you would be heartbroken if I left here. xD So we can talk on Facebook. I've been on there a lot lately now. Since I revived it.

    It is the best part of the cake! I don't like it when the cake has filling in the inside. That's a little gross in my opinion.

    By then even more phones will be advanced. Though I don't think I would spend so much money on a phone though...Those Iphones seem ridiculous...The prices I mean...

    Haha if only. Well I have the case and the screen savers...So you had better take care of it! Lol

    *Edit* Remember my name is Angel. So you know what to do on Facebook after that. xD
    Oh that's cool! Do you go on it at all?? Maybe we can chat their?? I don't come on here that much anymore...

    Haha for most people it is. Though I never been to fond of chocolate or cake that much. I just think it's too sweet. Though surprisingly enough I like the icing?? Yeah go figure that one out. Lol.

    I bet you anything that this phone, your gonna have years from now I bet. Just like the other one. If you say your careful then hopefully you won't have to get another one. Don't jinx it now. xD

    Yeah that is true. Though hopefully you can get it later on if you still want to play it. If only I could let you borrow my PSP... xP I have Dissidia and Crisis Core as well! It's silver and shiny. I even bought like a case and everything! =D

    Then the car. Oh more money to spend...How bothersome... :p
    Well I've been on, I just haven't been coming on here as much. I've been bored, so I revived my Facebook instead. Do you have one??

    Haha I don't really like cake all that much. Too sweet for my tastes. Anyways what kind of cake was it??

    Wow cool. I wish I got a new phone already as well. Just make sure not to break it. That would really suck. Your probably careful with that kind of stuff anyways.

    You could go on Youtube and watch it when it comes out. Have you spoiled yourself on it anyways??

    Though still it would be nice to have that license already. Even if you don't have that car! At least the permit would be good for now. lol
    Oh did it seem that way?? Haha well I'm having uh computer problems so I am not coming on here anyways. Sorry if I don't respond that much. I just don't like bothering with my computer when it's like this...Plus I can live without my computer anyways. Lol.

    Okay we shall stop talking about it. Hehe...

    You know what...I really don't know anymore. I'm just gonna see what happens.

    Oh yeah! Happy Birthday! Late or whatever...Yeah I already told you why...Such a bummer. That's what I thought it would feel like. Bet it doesn't seem that different.

    At least yours isn't peeling by the paint I bet. I really need like a Sharpie... lol

    Yeah it sucks. Hopefully the PSP and BbS will work out for you... xP

    I wish I would have learned already...All my friends already know how to drive... =/
    Psssh. Our last conversation was about the sixth harry potter movie, over a year ago. JUST LIKE THREE MONTHS TIL ANOTHER COMES OUT.

    If you're still active.
    Which I think you are.
    *Blushes when recieveng all those kisses* Your welcome XD I'm going to be playing Final Fantasy 14 when it comes out, along with Lord of The RIngs Online. It's going to be free next month. I can't wait to get to college next month.*Hugs her again and kisses her again on the cheek, pulling out two psp's and another copy of BBS, so we can play Mirage Arena toghther*
    *pulls out a early copy of BBS for her birthday" I've been pretty good myself lol. Graduated and Obsessed with Fall Out 3 and Final Fantasy 13 lol. Mom and Dad bought me a PS3 for my graduation present lol. Happy Birthday! *plants a small kiss on her cheak.*
    I'm not I'm just saying that you don't have to respond if you didn't want too...Cause yeah I don't want to be a bother...

    Haha about five more weeks for me. School starts the 23rd of August. Don't you start at that time too??

    Yeah it is! I just want to see if I can do good at college. Only cause I'm guessing first semester isn't that difficult...Probably! Or I could totally wrong...

    Oh it's almost time! Are you gonna do anything for your birthday??

    Well at least you might get a new phone. I'm probably gonna get a new one when this one completely falls apart. Which kind of already is, but once it really dies... xD
    Hey there! *Runs up and Gives an old friend a hug*
    How have you been? It's been such a long time since we have talked. What you been up too?
    Haha is that so?? Well if I am being a bother then you don't have to talk to me...

    It's almost time to go to school again! xP

    No...Most of them are going to community college. Some of my smarty friends are the ones going to the UC's.

    When is your birthday?? I know right?? I had my phone since Freshman year of high school. The same old one! lol
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