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  • Work was busy throughout the holidays, 90+ hours. But overall I enjoyed it.

    Spring Semester starts next month for me.
    Wow, really? I usually was allowed to play any game I wanted. Even so, I don't really think I played any mature rated games anyways. Except for maybe South Park, and that was bleh... I always been more into the kiddie games honestly. The only M rated games I have are like Silent Hill games.

    Eight years is a lot for you? lol
    True, even so. It's not like you are much older then them anyways. A few years. xD
    Haha, I guess you are right. It wasn't really a spoiler. Probably like one of the only people that has not played that game. I still haven't even played Re:Coded yet. :p

    I thought they where younger! Tweens almost to be teenagers. You guys don't let them play teen rated games? :O

    Lag. lol
    Lol, thanks for the spoilers. Jk, I did kinda ask for it, so whatever! Well, I see now where you could have had your doubts. Yet at the same time, I wonder how that could be incorporated into a KH game. Albeit lowered down maybe a bit.

    Yeah, it does make sense. Big sister looking out for her little brothers, I get it. How much younger are your bro's though? :O
    Yeah, I could believe that. Can you blame us though? Even if there is so much hate most of the times, us true Disney freaks can't be wavered! xD
    I actually haven't played it either. Oh, and really? Haven't gone into the storyline at all, so I don't know anything about it. I always wanted the game, but never went into getting it. Appearances are cool, I suppose.
    Haha, it's KH. How inappropriate could it be? O_O
    You are welcome!~~~ I forgot to ask you! What do you think about KH3D so far? If you have looked into it, I mean. ^^

    Lol, you should post pictures of yourself on FB. I would love to see the costume! <3
    Wow, I wish I could have your mindset! You always seemed beyond positive anyways. lol

    Ah, I see. Well, that sounds like fun! Is that trip to go for the expo a for sure thing though, or you just hoping to go? :D
    I see. So you just keep your head up, by looking forward to special events and things like that? That's definitely a nice way to maybe think of things! Very nice.

    I bet you are! What are you gonna do with that Sora costume though? Go to a party? Hang out with friends? Trick or Treat? xD

    Aww! Well alrighty then. Come on soon, so we can chat some more! I miss talking to ya. Talk to you whenever you come back on. :)
    Ah, you sound as busy as ever! How do you not get overwhelmed? :x

    Oh, and really? Lol, how is that working out for ya? Do you have all the stuff and junk? :D
    I will say the same to you miss. I hardly come on here as well. Very sporadically I would say... I lost so much interest in this site. :C

    I'm okay, thanks for asking!~ How about you? It's rare to see you online?
    Yeah My side is somewhat Busy. I can understand, School is hard. Well you Right. I understand if you don't Roleplay anymore. I hope someday.
    Ahahahahahahaaa! I didn't think you would be on right now. Well I'm Trying to get a Job but other than that, Nothing much. My side is pretty Empty. Say, You Wanna RP for old times sakes?
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