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  • You need to go on Skype more!! We need to talk! Lol... It's my birthday tomorrow and you should tell me happy birthday. May 12. Since I don't know when you come on or not. xD
    Hey! I just wanted to say hello. I'm not gonna go on the computer much or not at all for awhile seeing as well... can't go on it. Just wanted to say this since we kinda talked somewhat. lol. So bye bye. :(
    I'm so sorry to hear that, I also apologize that I didn't post back here until now. I completely forgot about this site! I hope your feeling a lot better and I want to play Birth by Sleep but can't really afford it right now. I'm waiting until I can buy a super cheap used one.
    well, it looks like it's that time, a promise is a promise. I'll be back after kh3D is released.
    Well it stopped where I am at! I think it did around your area too. It's supposed to rain on Sunday but I think it's just a passing storm. No mudslides here! We are glad. Well I am only getting one present so I don't really care if they got me anything else or not... I don't really know what I would want. Maybe some Vans but I can get those myself anytime. Oh yeah ya. They made tamales, and like pozole if you know what that is. lol. It's pretty good I suppose. I haven't really stuffed my face yet for except maybe three tamales... xD

    Well thanks! I usually get that all the time though... Cause I am NICE. Meh you would think people would like that but, you wouldn't believe... Even so I gots your back if anything happened! You know that. I would try anyhow... =D Yeah more like not rushing, but I digress. That's about right what you said. xD

    Oh ya ya! MERRY CHRISTMAS!! I hope you really enjoy it. =DDDDDDDD
    Haha well I think it's been worse around your area that's for sure. Though we haven't bought anything so we don't go out during this time anyways. We don't have money to spend or anything. =/ So we aren't giving stuff this year. I didn't ask for anything so I don't really mind if I get anything or not... xD The rain does sound nice though during the night, especially the smell. lol

    Oh was it the dude you told me about before?? Or somebody different?? A face to facer?? Well either way yeah I hope you guys last. =D I aren't really lucky in that department but, well I believe I'll find someone eventually. Plus I'm not in that much of a hurry anyways you know?? Taking it slow and one day at a time. haha
    Oh well I do that when I am on FB for very long periods of time, but I haven't done that lately! OMG how has the rain been treating you?? It's been raining so hard and I like it! lol. I hope you are cool too.

    Oh really?? Haha well congrats I guess! xD How long have you had one for?? Is it somebody you knew for a long time this time?? =3
    ;D And I'm glad I made you laugh!

    And heh! Well, a while back actually. I just stopped logging in on the forum and that dreadful thing called life caught up with me. :p So I didn't get up enough energy to post here, or be active in the fandom. But now I'm back thanks to Birth By Sleep. :p
    8D Hey there. About the help I gave you on the whole Final Episode thing, don't mention it. :D It was my pleasure to help out another awesome member around these parts. Made me feel good, and made me feel active again.

    *shakes hand* So hi! :)
    Haha, even with school, i have alot of free time. Most of it is spent leveling up Terra and Ven. Im not going to bother with Aqua again until I completely beat Terra and Ven, Critical and Critical Level 1. oh, EXP walker is a BIG help!
    well, when I do leave I'll let everyone on my friends list know. I'll probably be here a little longer.
    yeah, I'm thinking about leaving this site, only one problem..

    it took my soul. :p

    but seriously, I'm not going to be here much longer.
    yeah, I'm afraid to give my opinion, because people pick it apart and throw it back at you. I lurk, a lot. XD
    I completely agree with you, about Days and how you still enjoyed the game, even with the small flaws, like you said, its a video game, meant to be enjoyed, if you don't enjoy playing it, DON'T play it lol
    I want it deleted cause I am applying to the Disney internship and I want to erase all unnecessary accounts sorry :( we are all getting a bit old. And I don't have time to be on the site anymore
    Hey How do you go about and delete an account here?
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