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  • So, I see you have miss Asuka has your display and one of Brand New's songs as your title.
    I just wanted to say that that's pretty damn awesome.
    Aww, I'm broke too! So I feel your pain. lol!

    Yup! You started break earlier then me! I started like the week after you. Man, they don't give me enough time off. lol!
    Thanks! Happy belated birthday to you too!

    I only come on here for KH stuff now (like glance at the front page and the future of kh section). So I basically lurk. All of my friends on this site are basically gone and I'm so busy with school I don't even care. xD

    I started school today and I'm already pooped! lol! Other then that I've been good. I just wish summer break could last longer. xD
    Dang, you figured me out! I'm a lurker! I only post in my fanclubs. xP

    How have you been? Enjoying your summer break? I'm 19 now I had my birthday last week.
    My summer's been going alright and it's been a cool summer for me I guess.
    I'm doing alright I suppose!
    Lol we need to catch up sometime on AIM...haven't been there in a long time! XD
    Don't you know the infamous saying?
    You can never leave KHI?
    Though admittedly, I'm a lot less active than I used to be since I lurk mostly in the clubs section.
    Because I couldn't get things sorted out.
    I didn't. And now I'm going back home. =/
    Going away.

    Saying goodbye bites. Though, I only cried when saying goodbye to my bestfriend. Still sucked ass.

    Oh, i also found out today that i registered for my courses wrong, so, chances are i'm screwed. yaaaaay -dies- or... -wants to die-
    You shouldn't actually. But, I just like using names lately instead of referring to them as unnamed friends.

    I'm mixed. Today is my last day before I move to University. I had been camping with my friends all weekend (Saturday-Monday) kind of like a last big "hangout" before we all had to say goodbye. When I got home from that I was pretty depressed, and I doubt today will be much better by the end. =/

    I only use MSN now. How're you?
    lol yes. Ben drove me, Kate, Kim and Jenny to Cranbrook to finally watch it a few weeks ago.

    I greatly approve.
    I'd never do that. Watching a movie like HP online instead of seeing it in the theatres first is some kind of pathetic.

    Thing is, I really do want to watch it with my friends. I've had two opportunties to see it without them and i turned them down. I really want to watch it with them. Or... at least... with my guy best friend. We're the only ones who interact with one another when the group of us see a movie. So, really, I want to see it with him.

    Point is, I can wait. =]
    I'm going to see the Harry Potter movie this weekend with my cousin. I'm so excited!

    Lol, Megan Fox! xD (boys! all you guys notice are the short shorts and boobs! Did you notice that Egypt was being blown to bits at the same time? :cool:)
    It'll be a while. One of my friends is holding us back, so, I probably won't be able to to see it until after the 26th. =/
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