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  • nothing really... but i can feel my legs now :D... and i got a new guitar for rockband... it's shweet! anyway, i was actually planning on bumping into DD in the first place, i got some things in store for him, but i gotta know... DD is in Judgement Hand right?
    what's up bro? learned any new skate tricks? I tried to grind this mall stairs pole, yah know the one in the middle of the stairs all the way...and i kinda forgot there are sometimes gaps in the middle... yea i think im sterile T_T
    Really O.O Cool thank you ^^ I'm sure I wouldn't be the smartest person to join, but I'll do my best ^_^ How are you today?
    dude im so sorry i didn't post, im gonna try right now, it's just last night there were some problems... X_X and my cousin had to go to the hospital... he's ok now, just i had to drive him there and stuff just got home and my laptop aint working so i gotta fix that too...just for now i can post...
    you said she liked you >.>

    haha, pink. always a fav. but she's so old now even though her songs were good v.v
    You're skating obsessed. It's like a drug to you, isn't it?

    I bet your girl's fav song is "S8ter Boi" :D!
    My mom yelled at me an hour ago to get off of the laptop. I waited thirty minutes before I snuck on again :D
    Dude, that's what the damn metaphor is representing! Never, never, piss a girl off! Especially in their periods!
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