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  • I wonder why I hang out with my friends irl too :D! Don't drink beer, now boy! They hurt you more than drinking it and afterwards it turns out you know what those aches were. At the same time, you're peeing hard and a lot :D
    She crashed? Haha. At least, because of the countdown, I can type "Happy New Year!" in 4 secs. :D!

    And managed to post on your profile exactly at 12:00! :D!
    I thought the ball was just a machine that dropped on its on being programmed to annually during the last 10 seconds of each year. I didn't know that some guy was the one who dropped it. That seems pretty lame -_-
    You're a horrible big bro. You should have known that giving an energy drink to a little kid is bad for them :p

    Anyway, you crushed my hopes to laugh at you. I thought you were outside in the damn cold. btw How are you gonna watch the ball drop if you don't know which channel it would be on >_>
    Yay, you live in NY too! How can you stand there for so long! It's so cold outside! (>◇<)

    I've stayed in my house the whole day :p I wanna watch the ball drop too since I didn't get to last year, but I don't know which channel to watch it in...
    lol kay :D!

    Oh, um, Happy New Year to you too! ...To you anyway. What time is it over where you are? 'Cause it's still 8:30 for me here, haha
    Haha first time I've heard them. Searching on Youtube for it was pretty easy though. The song is by Relient K. The album name the song was in was pretty funny ^_^

    "Two Lefts Don't Make a Right...Just three do." Haha. 'Twas a good song. :)
    ...Those wishes are too normal, and normal things are boring :<

    C'mon! Throw something exciting in there! There must be something else other than a good day and skateboarding. Ignore the fact that I'm being kind of a hypocrite right now, wish some more! \(>◇<)/
    Aww, it just seems to not get fun anymore because the mods and some other members that follow the rules, like me, are just getting serious nowadays. 'Tis okay. People are getting mature. Then again...

    Making up wishes for the new year while trying to make it not so restricting at the same time. Whatcha wishing for? I wish for a blizzard to happen upon starting school again, Jan. 5th
    I almost never hear mafia jokes. Just parodies in movies for comic relief. Oh wait, that's the same thing XD ...But seriously, I hardly find anything making fun of the mafia these days anymore. But the italian jokes on Comedy Central make me lmao a lot. But jokes are jokes, right? unless they actually do intend on making fun of you instead of the intention of just trying to entertain people.

    Besides, I'm part Italian btw Italians make the best chocolate. Ferrero Rocher is the best~
    But I joined in Sep. I couldn't know who you were :<

    A skateboarding tour? So you're pretty talented, huh?
    idk y, but i thought of you when i saw this pic:
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