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  • Last season...? Soga, it's still season one and it's on break until March 17 or 20th. XD *le sigh* Barry saw himself facing Reverse-Flash as his younger self.. time travel is sure complex, huh?

    Oh, I logged out from psn before I knew to check my message. Sorry!!
    Well, Wally did wear one, but with red on it. Also, don't forget about Hunter Zoloman; he wore the Reverse-Flash suit, too!

    Oh, you noticed that? I thought it was time to play it after completing Kingdom Hearts 2.5.
    Yeah, he's evil... and why do you think it is Wally West? That's less likely to me.

    No, I've not seen The Kingsman. Far too busy!
    Dislikes pickles! D:

    Maybe both?

    Okay, I will. ^__^

    Oh, you mean Harrison Wells? Technically, I think he might be Professor Zoom aka Edobard Thawne. Firestorm is actually two people in one body and has been that way in the comics. Nope, you're not the only one alone in that thought.
    Hey Soge! Thanks! Always good to go back to a former username. =D

    I also hope you had a good Valentine's day this year too! It's good to see you've been around a lot recently. Btw, who's in your avatar?

    You and your cupcakes. I remember all those stories of yours with Naruto, .Hack// characters and those cupcakes. xD Are cupcakes your favorite things to eat? Or simply a choice of weapon, cause they're sweet and delicious? Ohhh, then let me know, when you finish Naruto. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on it. I still say our theories for it were way better. What's it like being a jr. in college? What are you majoring in, do you know? (Hope you don't mind me asking that.) OH! OH! How's Persona Q? I haven't gotten it yet, but really can't wait for the chance to play it soon. As for myself, things are going okay, still reading tons of books, studying math for a test to take in May and wishing it were summer. You really like filler arcs? :3 I'm quite surprised! Oh gosh, you have a stronger will than I do!

    I'm not sure what I did to be considered a good friend to you, but I'm glad you think that of me, and it means a lot. \^u^/ Umm... the akatuski don't really get a happy ending per se. Unless you think of the 5th Naruto movie, where Naruto goes into an alternate reality with them. (Which is still the coolest thing EVER!) Ah, ah, ah, I'm not saying anything about Sasuke! xD English 50? Is it hard? How come there's so much homework?
    Nope, I'll be starting in the fall, if my test goes well in May.
    Tales of Heart sounds familiar. I'll check that out on amazon later tonight.

    Nope, neither one. I was originally thinking of Jeri or something else. Except I forgot what they were. xD

    Nah, ecchi doesn't bother me at all. xD I'm used to it and you're right, "Is this a Zombie" is really good! =D Durarara season two started on January 11th. I've been keeping up with it so far and holy crap, has so much happened and some of it blows my mind. YOU SHOULD WATCH IT! *u* As for Death Parade, its about this bartender that helps the newly dead people find the right elevator to go into by playing a game; determining if they get to start over as someone new in life or go into the void. (Kind of like heaven and hell.) It's alright so far. I like the opening song a lot though.
    Yeah, Hollywood sure loves turning comics to movies. xDD

    I'm surprised you haven't heard of it. :O Tunguska event - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia As for the city... I haven't decided, but it'd be something that is important for the second event to happen.

    Oh, I'm liking the Flash. So much fun and twists! :O March 17th will be the biggest season finale, so I'm totally looking forward to it! :D

    I'll try, but by then I'll be too busy with it.

    Actually, it's from a comic book series. I don't know who owned it, but the fact it went onto a film says it alot. Oh, I know I'll get it because it turns out Marvel/Disney has been working on it and I know I love anything that is Marvel-related, so. ^_^

    Well, it'll be similar to what the Flash is doing but hopefully mixing it with inFamous (Game series made by Sucker Punch, the one that made Sly Cooper). I'm thinking of using the Tunguska Event as an flashback while in the present, the characters will have to get used to their powers and to find out who caused the second event that gave birth of the Miracles- those that has survived the event.

    It's all fuzzy right now, but that's the idea.
    I'm doing okay, though.

    Yeah, it does remind me of the James Bond films. Probably comes out on June or July, give or take. I'm actually thinking about getting Big Hero 6 because there is something about it that pulls me to it, despite me never seeing it before. :O

    Today.. I'm planning on making a role-playing with superpowers. I believe I have the idea on how the powers came to be, but I haven't worked on the plot.. Of course, I might borrow some elements from The Flash (TV Series on the CW) since it kinda inspired me to do this in the first place. :D
    I keep hearing good things about that. I might have to check it out later when I get the chance. Hang with my Mom, family, my cats.
    HEY ZACK (thats what I use to call you ) WAZ UP? Missed me? ;) or I better ask do you still remember me?
    Well... I spent my V-Day burying my pastor. :/ It wasn't a very good day, though.

    I haven't seen the film yet and American Sniper as well.
    Hey, happy V-day to you too. ^^ At least I have one man to talk to. XD; All I did was watch movies and gorge on chocolate like a typical forlorn woman. XD; By the way, Valerie Crane's birthday was February 11. In canon, she starts at 12, but now she's...7. XD;

    Sorry for ignoring you, I just had a lot going on. Anyway, there is a bit of Eric Binley in me, yes. XD; But I normally don't like vulgarity, especially if it's put in just to look cool, or edgy.

    ...Pikablade. XD; That sounds awesome! XDDDDD It would be so cool if Pokemon came up with something like that. Pichu is already hyper adorable. All of the babies are. ^^ No, the kawaii thread is a separate thread, in Forum Games. ^^; Yes, Bladey is cute. Especially his eyes. He looks awkward, but he has very gentle features. I kissed his picture today, because I miss him. His mother's birthday is today, so that's probably why he isn't here. He also gave me a poem and a picture of him with the babies for my birthday. I look at all the presents he gave me every chance I get. ^^ Nah, he wouldn't hurt you. XD; He's too sweet and forgiving. As long as you don't touch me. XD; The idea of a shotgun wedding would be hilarious. XD; I sometimes wonder what our wedding in real life would be like... *blushes* Or, do you think that we're already a newlywed couple? XDDDDDD; And would playing otome games make me an unfaithful wife?! XDDDDD; I gave Bladey chocolates, and I'm writing him some sweet poetry. I gave him a glass rose, too, but...it broke. You can read more about it in my journal.

    As for the Dream Eaters, there are 2 flower ones. 1 is poison, and 1 is healing. I like the healing one better, but the poison one is useful. My winning team was the horse one, and I forgot the rest. XD;

    Yeah...but what are you gonna do? Lolita is hard to afford, anyway. Even if you buy from indie designers. Bodyline came out with a design similar to the original Musical Cat series, but none of it fits me... No, that lavender jsk didn't even fit me, so I had to settle for the skirt version. I bought all three of my main coord pieces (2 skirts, 1 jsk), and I found some accessories on Amazon. I just recently bought a purse from Storenvy. Good thing I bought groceries and Valentine's Day gifts, or I'd really be in trouble! XD; I sadly don't have blouses. The ones I have are too t-shirt-ish. I don't have petticoats, either. You can't be a Lolita without a petticoat.There's this dress I really, really, really want for this formal dance, but that's going to be hard to afford. Good thing my birthday is before Anime Midwest. *fingers crossed* To be really honest, I hate Wa-Lolita. It looks too costume-ish. I'd rather go modestly sweet Lolita. Also, I've been scammed by eBay sellers while trying to buy cosplay items, just letting you know. And Milanoo has tons of aliases, and definitely not limited to Lolita fashion. They supposedly sel formal and wedding dresses.

    Oh, I actually saw Frozen, but I didn't think it was that great. I mean, it wasn't horrible, and a lot of parts I genuinely thought were good, and I love Olaf the snowman. XD And Elsa is a very relatable character. But, this may be because I never read the original story of the snow queen, but I've seen cheesy plots like that before (because it's Disney, duh XD), and I really don't like how every guy in movies is supposed to get the girls they like instantly, but the girls have to be 'realistic' and settle for whoever likes them. It's an irksome problem in shoujo as well, and I didn't like the romantic plot in Wreck-it Ralph either. It's better if you leave those things out. I'd like to see Big Hero 6 at least once, because it looks like a Super Sentai parody, and I used to love the Power Rangers. ^^ And Hiro is just so cute. ^^

    I actually...gave up on Anime Central. I feel like a big chicken. :( But, it's cheaper and easier if I plan to see Bladey in a low-key setting. It's probably better for our relationship, anyway. And we might go to Anime Midwest, which is in the exact same area as Anime Central. And I don't want to bore you with the story of why I won't ever go back to ACen, or why I'm wary of going to conventions in general, but...I feel as if I'm too different from geekdom. Like, it's an extremely collective society, no matter how 'diverse' they say they are. You have to like the same things, you have to hate the same things, and that's why I submitted the fandom bullying panel in the first place. Because no one deserves to be made fun of because of entertainment preferences, no matter how flawed they are. I mean, Kingdom Hearts has so many flaws, I don't know where to begin. XDDDDD; And...there actually might be a good reason why I got laughed at. I don't know, you'd have to have been there. I don't let things go easily, even though it was about 4 years ago. I didn't want to go back until I made a name for myself in some way, so maybe because I could have some authority over the rest of the congoers. And I should creat 12 Gems already because there are only 5 years left until the series events take place (which is why I wanted the Anime and the Zodiac panel). And...there's something else I recently discovered about myself, which has to do with the embarrassing moment. If I tell anyone on the internet, I will be crucified. I wouldn't be able to show my face as a writer.
    I'm doing good, glad to catch you online ^_^

    Yep, I did! Majora's Mask 3D <333 I played it back on the 64 lol. So that's 3 Zelda games on the 3DS so far, not to mention all the ones you can get on the eShop.

    Wait there's two? x3 Ok I'll add you~
    XD Well that's good I guess.

    You're welcome buddy :3

    Thanks ^_^ Yeah, I was feeling very Link for January x3

    Ok, I'll add you ^^ Oh, what name do you use lol? xD;
    I agree! And I almost got past it when Leon stabbed me. :/ I was trying to heal up as his sword got me. So freaking close!!

    I can't imagine.. D:

    I haven't seen any new anime lately.. That, and I have been busy, so.
    Yep, yep! ^_^

    Yeah, plus you get the trophy for beating them all: To Rule Them All.

    Something like that..

    So, how are you doing tonight, Soge?
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