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  • I've been good. Just hanging around waiting for the good games to come out so I can play it.

    And it's okay; everybody are busy these days, so I kind of expected it with you. How have you been, Sogie?
    Hey, Sogie! :D I'm doing pretty well these days with snow on the ground and having to babysit my dogs all day long.

    I think it is just tiring to see the same thing over and over. Eventually you get bored and move on to new things, so that's what I did for a long time now.

    No, I haven't and I'm just enjoying new games I got for Christmas, so there's that. As for Metal Gear Solid, I don't know about it very well to play it.
    Welcome, Soge~ It was good! Thanks for saying so!

    You don't have to unless you want to btw. Wait, why do I want to know the details on your wifi? xD Yeah, I've kept KitKat for the time being until I have the urge to change it in the near yet far future. Nope, don't have a phone, and have no need for one. Undertale is about a fallen human, who wants to- you know what, better see it for yourself right here: Undertale. Yes, I have Steam. XD

    It sounds like fun getting to play SAO: Lost Song. *pats you on the head* Yup, Persona 5 will be out sometime during this year! I hope! No, can't afford a PS4 quite yet. Yes, FFVII is important to update yourself on!

    Aw, younger cousin is a meanie. I guess that means they're endearing. xD My holidays was good. I spent Christmas eve with relatives and family. New years I was with my boyfriend. =3

    How's Metal Gear Solid 5? I hope you get some sleep soon. I'm good, just lurking the forum. =D
    Hey Soge, just stopping by to let you know, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! :D

    I keep forgetting to ask about it. Perhaps it's just a common username. I might not keep "KitKat" come 2016. Therefore, it should become less confusing for you, Soge. XD I still don't have a phone, so I'll have to go without the current games you're playing. On the other hand, I might be getting Steam, so I can play Undertale among other games.

    What's Lost Song again? *gives you a hug* Well, I might be investing in a PS4 because of Final Fantasy VII:R & Persona 5.

    Yup, I get hungry around the holidays. How about you? All ready for the holidays?

    I'm doing good. How about yourself?
    Happy Thanksgiving to you! It's pretty cool here, though.

    At least you were teasing me! I used to be a wrestling fan, but after a while it got boring.

    Oh, really? I did must had missed that one. Oh, well. :p
    Yeah, it's all good now but it's really freezing here. :/

    I don't do the WWE subscription thing, to be honest. I'd prefer watching it on TV. I'm not a nerd; just a watcher from time to time. :D

    I don't think you can make a character in Lost Song; only in Hollow Fragment. I should know; I check on every thing that is related to Sword Art Online.
    Hey, Soge! :D

    Yes, it has been awhile and I'm doing pretty good, despite the weather I'm having here. Currently it's raining right now and it will be that way until Wednesday. Plus the news are saying it'll be a Flash Flood warning, so I'm not looking forward to moving upstairs if and/or when the rain does seep through the garage door. :/

    I'm not doing anything really right now except to get ready to watch Supergirl then after that, probably Monday Night Raw. Yep, I'm still a wrestling fan from time to time. I think the good old days during my years in school was the best for watching Raw since it had the best story to be told from chasing the World Title to a big time grudge between guys and gals.. Yeah. x3

    Anyway! How are you doing, Soge?
    Yes, yes it would be hilarious. xD Hmm, I guess they went the correct version versus the one I have. Yeah, but don't you need to have a PSN and wifi? My PS3 isn't hooked up for that. :c

    Aww, I had no idea SAO: Lost Song was being released in the US! Man, I want to play it, but I don't have a PS4. *starting to regret being talked into an XboxOne*

    I'm doing okay, excited for the holidays, and feeling hungry right now. xD I haven't had lunch and eating a really late one at that, since I don't know what I'm doing for supper. </3 Thanks for asking!
    Hiya Soge!

    Nope, it wasn't me. I don't play FFXIV. :c I'd love to play it if I could, but I need a better PC to play it on, I think. I know I have a friend there who happens to play it. I'll ask her if she's been using the username or not. xD Or it could just be a coincidence?

    How've you been?
    Hey Soge!

    Wha-?! Wait, you're saying Kiwi + is on the Harvest Moon forum now? :O Mind telling him I said, "hi!" in return? xD

    Lots of things feel nostalgic, yes. =3

    I happen to see Kingsman myself, which was awesome! I have quite a few favorite action scenes from it. lol. V-Day was good. Yup, spent it with Mite. If anyone is active on here, I'd say you more so than me, since I don't pop in as much anymore. :3 Dolce is certainly pretty. I have so many old avatars, that I wouldn't be able to remember which one you mean. xD

    You're so silly with choices of weaponry. xD Of course! KK doesn't forget a thing! I'm curious how long you stuck with watching Naruto between all the fillers and the stuff that comes after it that makes most fans groan in agony until it gets really good and ridiculous and then badass and confusing. lol. I believe the person with a bubbly type of jutsu is Bee, if he raps at all? Hmm, the most I can give you as a hint is the fact that there's a lot of people that end up together in the Naruto universe. So, you're in for your associates first, but it's cool you have lots of things you want to do and to major in something like writing and games. I wish you the best with the medical business and I believe in you! I still haven't played Persona Q myself and Type-0 came out last month. I got a backlog of games to get. xD Oh my, it's been a long time since I heard anyone talk about P3P. Nope, I haven't but they both sound like good individual games to play. I wouldn't say I'm in college, Silly. Math goes alright and still hard as ever. Wow, you'd be the first to tell me you like fillers. ouo I don't mind fillers in manga, but in anime, it bugs me. *nods and pays attention* I'll take your word on it, when it comes to fillers, since it makes me think of all the fun fillers in Kuroshitsuji that I liked. <3

    Yeah, we always do have a lot to talk about, and I do see you around the forum from time to time. But seriously, I'm happy to be a good friend to you. *takes cupcake and devours it whole* Delicious~ No, they're all dead except for the ones like Karin, Jugo, and Suigetsu. Yup, you can watch it on animewaffles or animeultima. Well, we all assume he's with Sakura. xD We need the movie to feel it's officially confirmed. Oh no, it doesn't sound easy at all from the way you describe it and essays are something I'm not comfortable in making, if anyone were to ask. Wait, you were able to pass with a D-? ouo

    Tales of Heart I didn't actually get. Sorry. :c

    Yup, I settled into it and stopped typing in the wrong username a week or so later.

    Takuma is my favorite character. It'd be hard to choose between all the girls. xD I finished it actually! Death Parade was good, but relatively dark and got more eye opening towards the end for me. I may of heard of Kawaii Complex before, but it reminds me of another anime called, "Lovely Complex". I'll definitely give Kawaii complex a try, since I like anime that's hilarious. =D
    Actually, I know the whole story of how Bladey lost internet. He's moving soon, and is really busy, and he was alone on Valentine's Day, with no 3DS, phone, and the library was probably closed. As for movies, uhh...I'll get back to that later. ^^; Oh yeah, I always bring my characters up randomly. XD; She is a tall tomboy, and the youngest protagonist. Kind of aloof and argumentative, and thinks she's always right. She's the typical twelve year old who discovered politics for the first time. And she sucks at technology. I'm making her stepsister Joelle, the cute and small one, the ruby girl. My original plan was to make them cousins, until I had an idea for Val's backstory, the thing that happened around her golden birthday. She used to have an older brother who was a birthknight (do you think that's a good name, or lame?). My younger brother's birthday was yesterday. It's coincides with Devin Mizushima's. He would be eight now, and his tragic event is coming up. Enjoy your dad while you can, Devin.

    Yeah, after a while, it gets old. Especially family movies and in manga translations, they try to sound edgy, but it makes them sound dumb. If I were to write characters like that, I would make sure it's in their character first. Like Tom Binley is probably a foul-mouth. Claira Stelling is sweet and quiet, so it wouldn't work for her, unless she's THAT angry.

    Strangely, I can actually see that happening. XDDDDD; Pikachu has too much power, anyway. Yeah, that's basically what it's about. Kawaii images. ^^ And I can't wait, either. It's been so long since we first got to know each other!

    Sorry I'm so verbose. XD;
    Yay! Im ok ^_\\ if you want to contact me you can add me on fb. Im "scarlett rexx" on fb :3
    how are you? Do you watch tokyo ghoul?
    You should check out the animated film called Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox. It gives you an idea how it could turn out for the Flash on TV.
    The comics has tons of sources to take from, but it might be different for the TV series.

    I'll try to check the message today when I get online.
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