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  • Dude, yesterday I beat the Mysterious Figure.
    No Name is one of my new favorite keyblades.
    Thanks dude, the thunder surges won it for me.
    yooo, I just got the Ultima Weapon!! hahahaha so awesome.
    Well all I gots left to do is fight me a Mysterious Figure. Ultima Weapon+Multivortex= a winning Ventus!
    well I have just been playin Keepers of the Arena over and over. i only needa play it like 3 more times and i should have the medals level ups. and nice work! i had him at about three bars left th last time i faught him. but im just shootin for Ultima right now, thn I'll get MF. besides I keep unexpectedly leveling up! so I feel like its all a win-win haha
    Dudee I went to that Iron Prisoner IV Forum, fancy that huh, and I read what everyone said. I did what they said, AND i beat "keepers of the arena!" haha now alls I need is 4000 medals and I can play the Villains Vendetta. hahaha well that'll take a while...maybe I'll try and beat MF first hahaha.
    But again thanks man.
    wow thanks dude. the thunder surges help amazingly, i think i can do this.
    and icant believe you would help me like that, thanks wow.
    I used The Rock too, sshhh. hahaha.
    I get what you are saying but at least I could hit VS. not so with MF.
    Idk what to do. annd i cant beat "keepers of the arena" for the life of me so I cant even get Ventus' ultima shotlock, or eventually get the Ultima Weapon, even though i reallllly want both of 'em.
    Idk what you mean because I was able to take down VS fairly easy. Now the only thing I am supposed to use on MF is my shotlock but if he blocks it thn he gains health back. Arggh!! hahaha
    Same!! I just beat the game yesterday and I dont last more than four seconds against the MF. I have noooo clue as to what to do. hahahaha
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