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  • I like them... Fang And Aqua, not bad... oh and you have to buy it... it's very expensive.. the one I have at school is about $80+
    geez... you're a powerplayer outside of the RP world aren't you... there are only a few individuals on this forum who can say such a thing in their sig and though I reward your arrogance, I say go for something a bit normal, like me... go to a graphics shop request a tag and maybe I'll give you a real compliment on your signature
    I know that but Hybrids can go evil for a short time then go good. Anyway if magicedd comes back he said he's gonna make a nobody leader.
    No not until you edit da post to magicedd's liking. And u already have 2 good guys so I dont want u to have anymore.
    About your post, First off, they(i more then anything) want you to edit your post like ive told you before, reasons. You dont get to decide were the trap leads. You wouldnt know, because your interfering with my rp, if it was your own then okay it wouldnt matter because you made the kids, but this is not the case this rp your trying to get into is mine and all i want you to change it to is falling into the trap (i shall decide were it goes, and no its not going to kill you kids arent evil) -_-. Or the other option is just leaving, you dont have to activate the trap. And you cant know anything about the kids, these are my npcs so unless i tell you somthing about them (threw them or threw Toukan) then you dont know anything about them. any way its a easy change, and also you only want to make a sub rp because of me and im not going to let you take control over my npcs, i made the story go this way, not you. Im not trying to be a ass but seriously stop god modding
    DUDE i can c not many changes. SORRY but if u don't edit it 2 magicedd's liking we're having a vote to see if u'll get kicked out. So please edit it to his liking
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