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  • do you understand the level of bubble gum yum yum cool whippy-ness it takes to wield a pen and stroke words out of it and kerplunk plunk a keyboard into near human perfection of creative writing skill or are you just bothering me to be a bother 8(

    And nu bypassing the 25 characters system eithers.
    why doth you wish to make such a venture and what kind of cookies are we speaking of in this plum pudding casserole of holy moly catastrophism
    Nope, I've got too many higher-end projects that require more attention and will, frankly, be much more looked forward to.
    Oh yeah. Seriously, what did I do to offend you that you insist on swearing like that? You sound like you hate me for some reason.
    Hey, I'm not going to be able to finish your story today, sorry. I've had final exams all week plus at least four hours of play practice a night and homework, so I just haven't had time. I'll try to finish it ASAP.
    What do you think of this poem? I posted it although it's a work in progress.

    Since, I changed my life,
    I've felt crazy,
    My eyes are wild
    I sing, I laugh,
    I feel like running,
    I wanna dance,
    I wanna shout,
    I wanna scream,
    I wanna love,
    I feel insane,
    And it's the best feeling of my life
    I can't really, It's ment to be long, and I haven't even finished it yet.
    I could post each part sepretley I suppose
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