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  • Sorry on behalf of all. I'm not quite sure if thats what Magicedd wants but we all just skimmed over your change.
    You NEED to edit ur post in the rp that we've ALL told u about so magicedd can continue OR else
    Well I based some charactors from the real names I learned from the other members... Like mine is my basic roleplay char's name Renn and such why don't find some names of your own?
    no I want to see you work on your skills so only You are the author... I just wanna be a charactor...
    To settle this down just change it to the delight of Magiccedd.
    Just make it so that you come out somewhere else. Then it can all just settle away. OK.
    how did your char know Renn's name? he hasn't told him yet? and sorry but your grammar is so bad, I couldn't understand your posts...
    Okay first off, dont act for MY npcs, Please and thankyou, second if you were reading my post, you would have found out that their are two doors, one that goes into a lounge and another one. 2nd she knocked in a order to get the door to move, 3rd the door moved on its own after the combination know, if you dont do it right it wont budge if you do it wrong a few times somthing happens (trying to think before my next post) 4th even if you so happend to knock right there is still another door inside and a kid wont answer untill the knock is the same right but if you read my post you would know not to knock on that door, why not cause who knows what will happen yet >:D
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