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  • Um, I guess I could. But I think asking Omega Prime help you out with your eggs is the best option cause I know nothing about it.
    I'll try to. alright then, you watch star wars the clone wars?
    If you don't then, just watch it anyway

    YouTube - MAD: S01E02 - Trans-Bore-Mores/Groan Wars (HD)
    play at 8:17 to end. LMAO at it especially at the dancing amusement park joke
    Well, I don't know really. I mean he just helpped by taking care of them. He put them up in some hatchery from the main website or something and all of a sudden I've been getting a lot of dragons thanks to Omega. I really don't know how he does it.
    Well I first started out by putting one or two eggs up on my sig before and waited to see how many clicks or views my dragons would get. But later on Omega Prime came to me and said he could get all my eggs and dragons grow more in an easy way. So I took his word for it and now I have like over 50 dragons in my arssenal.
    sorry i got a stomach virus and have been vomiting so im a little hazy on that part but it helps to have you players set up right for the fight

    sorry I am not sure I know which part you are talkign about

    why don't you post this question in the FFXIII thread

    I don't recalll that particular.

    I remember that fang comes after snow defeats Shiva
    and snow needs to be in the sentinel Role
    Um.....it's okay then? Sorry it's just I don't really get what your saying. And I'm no hacker, heck I'm 11 years old and starting middle school. I barely know how to use the computer recently.
    Um, I just don't.......Excuse me but I think someone has been drinking way too much of Mountain Dew here. Also why don't you just go through the view conversations link? I mean it's that simple to do then keep going to my page to reply back to me. Well I'll answer one question that I am a friend to Omega Prime, he just acts and thinks he's a big brother to me but in reality I already have a big brother who is apart of this site. He's Xeon{Myroku} btw. And well I do like ninja's, much better then pirates of course. And everything else you just said, I could not follow well enough. And the reason why I talk like this is because I'm young and it all sounds cute to everyone. >.<
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