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  • Gonna reply to this here to prevent going off-topic in the thread.

    I really like how you mentioned The Lord Of The Rings because I can see it working that way. Here's what I suggest: Start of calm like The Lord Of The Rings and eventually the last scenes would be very chaotic, like it was in the DDD trailer.

    Short, choatic scenes imo spark the interest of the player. Final Fantasy XIII-2 uses these kind of scenes quite a lot, are you playing that game/have you seen stuff of that game?

    Otherwise, just ask if you need some scenes as an example, I'll try and find'em for ya :)
    Did I respond? I'm not sure if I posted on my page or in our conversation. I prefer PMs. :/

    I'll send it to you tomorrow morning, but we still need to draw one of Lucius' apprentices and young Animus.
    If a complete Spiderman n00b jumped into Gauntlet, would that still be an enjoyable experience?
    Good to hear, bro! :D Check out my post at the Prometheus thread! ;D

    Merry Christmas! ^_^
    Hey. Just to let you know that WWE Survivor series will be at 8pm tonight. Be sre to make your picks before the ppv starts.
    Hey. Just to let you know that WWE Vengeance will be at 8Pm tonight. I have also started a point system for our picks. head to the forums for detals.
    Hey, make sure to got to the World and Level design thread and vote for JatGP to become a world. I think we are 2 of the few who see promise in the level. Not to mention you have a way of persuading people :p
    Did somebody call for the Composition Fairy?
    MuseScore downloads and tutorials can be found here.
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