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  • You're quite welcome to give it a shot. I imagine him with a mostly ivory mask, with gunmetal lines and stuff around it, and with black-gem eyes.
    well your name is quitemad, that sort of implies you're angry... idk man if you ever need a tampon to stop that flow of red hot anger, hit me up.
    At least give it a peek. I think I've provided lots of space for potential character types and alliances, so character creation shouldn't be a huge problem. I know you pulled off Daxic brilliantly, and while I don't advocate a direct Tamrielic translation of him, it's worth noting we've no Dark Brotherhood characters thus far.
    The Skyrim 2 roleplay I've been running is in need of some bolstered numbers. Would you be at all interesting in taking part?
    Bahaha probably was meant to show them monitoring Spidey (and to be a bit of an Easter egg). Lol thanks for showing me that.
    yeah the monsters where beautiful, and it had the fat guy from Shawn of the Dead lol :D
    Haha sure is! It happens quite a lot that people actually have the same ideas in their heads, to me it really shows that we want the same thing out of this game :D

    Anyways, I still think the opening scene (if it'll be the fight scene between Orpheus and Lucius) should still be quite mysterious. I'd actually have the 'calm' part be the history of Lucius and Orpheus, then a scene where Orpheus turns evil, and then we flash forward to the fight scene. No mention of Animus changing sides etc. I'd prefer that the player gets to know this later on in the game.

    The focus in the opening scene should be Orpheus and Lucius imo. Anyways, can't wait to see more of your work man!
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