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  • Sorry for accidentally using the voice chat option lol. I meant to choose disable.
    It is a little fast paced! yes :D but I think you might like it. My boyfriend sucks at most games but he seems to like tales of the abyss very much! its kind of like street fighter and kingdom hearts combined. tales of legendia is more straight not as much free roam
    I was having trouble finding the right PART of a walkthrough though on youtube XD or maybe it is because tales of the abyss is so complicated XD
    I love using guides because they help me keep interest in the game! sadly i wish gamefaqs used more pictures because i always get lost in big dungeons :(
    Oh yes! I remember! I really need to start actually putting effort into beating and finishing games instead of just kind of going half way.
    YATA! I knew it! It seems you do not get her in your party for a long time though if i remember correctly. I might buy dragon quest 8 again because it also had wonderful music
    I was going to buy that game again as I loved it and need to start playing again! I loved the one girl you get in your team that was a mage. She was my favorite. I think she used whips eh? or maybe not. Do you by any chance have a japanese psn account? XD
    : ) well I have been around here too since 2008, just checking back up on here because im a little desperate to find someone with a japanese psn account who likes tales of graces XD

    how are you doing today ? haha
    ...Why is it that I remember you so well? :p
    Hey Novaxkh, do you want to try online worldwide racing instead since there would be more people? Or are you good? Sorry about the last race since it seemed unfair.
    Yeah I'm passing on this one. Life took a big fat dump on me, today especially, so I haven't been keeping up.
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