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  • They're checking out the threads since your little incident some months ago, nothing special about that. Anyways, I'm leaving it at what I said earlier before you start thinking again that I'm picking at you while I'm not.
    You really gonna take that road again Tanner, really?

    You know well enough that the mods have reason enough to doubt you and therefore have the reason to post those things, they are warning you. I suggest you take those warnings into consideration.

    If you really changed, then prove us wrong, that's all I'm saying.
    I suggest you start reading the OP's of the project thread first before asking any more questions.

    Whether it's intentional or not, you are indeed derailing the thread with unnecessary questions that already can be answered just by either browsing through the threads or reading the OP's. The summaries are there for a reason.

    You even asked a question that was pretty much answered on the same page you asked your question (in the wrong thread that is). I hope you understand that this falls under derailing the thread.

    If you wanna prove you changed, I suggest to start with this.
    I want this to be settled first, then I'll edit that, this is now priority to me. I'm not ignoring you're freakin post, I have been sick for more than a freakin month, I even was in the hospital for a week and am still recovering from that, I wasn't as observant as I am normally. Like I said, I know when you're right and when you ain't. Where do I have profit from ignoring your posts anyways? I don't see why'd you even think that I overlooked that post intentionally.

    The mods are hardly involved with the project, I don't want to bother them with it, they have other things to do. It isn't that hard, true, but I didn't see you doing it.

    You needed to apologize, Marx apologized, you didn't.

    You're not claiming to be the victim, you're not saying it but you're acting like it. It takes 2 to tango but it takes one guy to start it, that guy has mostly been you.

    You don't have to tell me that you are someone who really wants to be involved with the project, even if you are busy. A lot of people of the team are busy, they also find the time to visit the threads once in a while, that doesn't make you different. I'm not that busy at the moment since, like I said before, I'm sick. I'm decidated too, I didn't even questioned that you weren't.

    You're the one assuming, you assume that I attack you, you assume that I pick on you, you assume that I have more authority than anyone else, you assume that I only read what I want to read, you assume that I intentionally overlooked your post to profit from it, you assume to I want to get popular. All these things are false yet you think they are facts. You're the assumer here, not me.

    You have posted over 700 posts, yeah, so what? Some of'em are off-topic, some of'em are saying a thing you suggested some months before, and you fail to edit a post a couple of times and instead post a new comment. It's not quantity that counts, it's quality.

    Oh btw, you haven't replied on your reaction towards Pratiko? What do you think about your own behaviour there? You also failed to answer to question where I'm getting after people? You seem to avoid the questions that're quite difficult for you to answer.

    Anyways, I said what needed to be told. I'm not even discussing with you anymore, you ain't worth my time but this isn't over, I've warned you enough.
    You double posted, no, you posted 4 posts in one row. Double posting is prohibited, be happy that I didn't contact a mod, be sure that they would have warned you or even banned you. You have double posted in the past, a lot.

    My reaction wasn't just because you double posted or posted 4 comments after eachother in that particular thread, it's because you kept doing that. As I said, accident or not, double posting isn't allowed, Mods will give a warning when it happens once, when it happens several times they will take measures. Again, be happy I was so kind to not do that.

    Those things don't go hand in hand. And I got after you when you left a sarcastic comment that made Marx leave? What are you even talking about now man?

    I'm not organizing things? Who made the music thread? Who made the gameplay thread? Who suggested rules so everything goes smoothly (rules that aren't broken all the time and that everyone liked)? Me. I suggest you ask other people if that helped organizing things, I'm sure they'll give you another answer + you don't even know half of what I'm working on for the project behind the scenes to make everything more organized so yeah, you're wrong, it's as simple as that.

    And new persons, I understand they can make those mistakes, they're new, but you have made the same mistake over and over again. Then I start asking questions. And where am I getting after people? Tell me, proof it, I dare you.

    I didn't dismiss those descriptions, I simply overlooked them. I'm human, I too make mistakes.

    As I said before, you're the only one who has this feeling that I have more authority, I don't even think that, in fact, I know quite a few people from the team that I look up to and that I think of as leader figures, no way I think I'm the boss of everyone.

    Stop acting like the victim man, you ain't the victim. When someone is being hostile, when someone is condescending (like your comment on Pratiko back in one of the threads, he too has the freedom to state his opinion), then it's you.

    You went at him while he was just being neutral, he gave his freakin' opinion and you said 'meh, you haven't been here the whole time, you aren't involved that much, you don't know shit' basically you're telling him to shut up because he wasn't here from the start. Wtf man? THAT is condescending and hostile, THAT is being immature. I didn't want to meddle with things first since I expected other people to reply on the discussion and therefore expected you would go all hostile on'em, but this just went too far.

    Oh and before you start making up consipiracy theories, I did not send micbeasty or Pratiko to come off at you, just in case you thought I was behind it 'cause I won't be surprised after what you already have said, that you would bring that up too.

    I, and not only me but a lot of people, have tried to reason with you far too many times and you won't listen. People have stepped up, including me, to help you and tried to make you understand that you're behaviour is wrong, and the only thing you did was go all hostile on those people.

    I thought we could settle this as grown-ups, apparantly we can't 'cause you won't admit you were the one being insulting and because of that would accuse me for that. I guess I expected too much from you, not even do you not realize you are acting like a child instead of an 18 year old, but you're falsely accusing other people of being just that, a little child.

    The way I see things, you're not making yourself popular at all, I tell you even more, you're digging your own grave here. I wasn't the first one to have a big discussion with you, nor will I be the last if you don't change your behaviour. Mark my words.

    I want an apology, not only for me, but for all the people you have attacked in the past. And boasting about that you supposedly made Marx step away from the project is just ridiculous. The reason he left was to end the discussion with you, you didn't made him go, he had chosen that for himself to be the mature one.

    Again, there are questions waiting to be answered, I'm waiting.
    Well, since apparently I'm the one causing problems, it won't surprise you I have a few problems with that post of yours:

    1) I'm not picking on you, I just want correct information.

    2) I'm not making rude comments whatsoever, the only thing I can think of coming of as 'rude' is that I'm sarcastic, yeah, I love sarcasm and I use it sometimes to prove a point but in no way am I trying to be rude, just trying to make a point. And even if they were rude anyways, you already came at me 2 times when it wasn't even needed, you expect me to stay kind? But as I said before, I never even tried to be rude whatsoever.

    3) Yeah, I use a lot of smilies, it's a habit of mine, I use'em all the time. However, they're not meant to make me look condescending whatsoever, you just think that I'm attacking you all the time. Quite the difference my friend.


    I guess we all are troublemakers around here?

    5) You shut me down? And with the double posting, do you mean the treehouse discussion? I suggest you go back a few pages in the world thread, there are still a few questions waiting there to be answered. If you're talking about the double posting weeks ago or even months ago, don't worry, you didn't shut me down at all. I warned you that I would take measures, they are on the way, do not worry about that. And to me (not saying that this is a fact, just stating my opinion on the matter), the 'accidental' double posting happened too often to be accidental and even if they were accidental, double posting isn't allowed anyways.

    6) You've been trying to be nicer, yes, I even believed at some point you changed. However, you have acted quite hostile to me when I was just asking simple questions. I wanted some correct info from you, you didn't give it to me (even though the whole 7 hearts thing was your idea to begin with if I remember correctly), searched for it and found out that the things you said (that were supposedly decided) weren't decided at all. It's only natural that that raises a few questions. I'm not even throwing off that idea, I'm just saying that I can't find it anywhere being decided upon, only discussed.

    7) I know when you are right when you ain't right man, when people back you up on what you say, I won't even hesitate to apologize. But when I have to search for it myself and see that nowhere it has clearly been decided, as I said before, then it's only fair for me to ask a few questions. Like you said one time, it's a democracy driven project, I too have the right to say my opinion and ask questions where I think questions need to be asked. Doesn't sound like 'keeping up the BS to me.

    8) I do have some weight on my shoulders, if you didn't notice, I have been trying to keep everything here from getting chaotic the past few months, which isn't a very easy job. But don't you think that because I do that that I think I have more power/authority than anyone else.

    9) You say I only read what I want to read, I'm curious, what part didn't I read? You say the second part of your sentence but I don't really know what you're refferring to.

    10) I put something in bold letters. Now in response to that -> wut?

    I want this to be settled down once and for all, so posted it as a VM, I don't want another chaotic event happening in the threads like the little fight between you and Marx.
    Probably not. I don't go into the KH sections that much here anymore... It's cool what they're doing though.
    May I be allowed to speak freely about Linea's design choice for a moment? If we stick with the pigtails alone, there wont be very much going on with the top of her head. I was indifferent because the original design was never meant for key blades, and that drawing did sport a hat. But purely from a design stand point, I would like make her a cut away from the rest of the characters because of her cheering, upbeat posture, and her friendly disposition. The saying goes, " actions speak louder than words," and if that would be true then I'd think her hat to be the exclamation point of her wardrobe, speaking only to emphasize her mixed assortment of clothes. I'm sorry if in any way I've offended you by presenting this, but I suppose I've grown attached to Linea's hat...even if it isn't entirely necessary...Would it be in your heart to perhaps reconsider your opinion about the hat? I'd be ever so grateful if you did. ^_^
    Haha let's hope for the best right :D. I do hope that all the characters get rendered in some way, I really want to see that happening, although it's surely a lot of work ;/
    You mean why your bro left you a sweet copy of Maya in your house? I have no clue. But it can't be that different from 2011 seeing how most updates from there have been for stability. I would ask your bro 'bout that one. Because as far as I know it's one key per system...But you've been modeling great so far! How did you shape the helmet so well ?
    Yeah that would make more sense haha..I'm more of the designer then the story design, or what happens. I usually just get handed a hard sketch and do my magic(lol). I usually throw tid bits in and such but yeah..So if people on the thread on interested in giving ideas that'd be great, but I don't want people getting there hopes up that I will do this..
    Well I was thinking of it more as like a Winnie the Pooh type of world, or Tron's world, as in someone in the story has a magic toy box or such and the hero's enter it. There they find a whole world, and the big part is Andy's room, then there's a window at the top of the screen, then a door at the bottom of the screen, leading to the rest of the house which has smaller rooms connected but the man door in the front leads to the front yard, which is much like the Pride Lands area where your in a wide open terrain with heartless spawn, then Spuds(?) room, just to bypass to many rooms. I havent even sketched in all that will be in that area.
    As for the window it's leads to a car, which leads to Pizza Planet, and itd be much like Port Royales ship where you finish a wave before you get there, then your there. Those parts are barely even sketched down though. So there's some stuff.
    I worked on a bit of story for this level, it's simple "Buzz is kidnapped, then you go to Spuds(?) room and fight a toy heartless, type, mini boss. Then you find out Spud took him to Pizza Planet" I'm not a story writer so that's the best I've got so far..And I don't know how a toy version of character's would work.

    As for any of this though I'm working on my game and several other projects right now, and that's what's paying the bills so yeah..I'll do this once the decision of this being reality or not is clear. It will determine the quality I use on it..
    Yeah that's what I was thinking. My idea was a toy box with a clown toy popping out of one corner and a teddy bear on the other, with buzz's ship flying out of the background, because on my original plans,(might get cut) Pizza Planet will be a stage, in which you got to explore buzz's ship, but depending on if I can even find blueprints of Buzz's ship it may not happen
    Yeah It's in development hell right now haha...but when I start up again Ill get with you and we can do some stuff on it
    I tried to settle things maturely before. You still acted like you did nothing wrong, and dismissed my apology as probably fake (I did mean it btw). You still haven't explained your behavior, except by accusing me of acting immaturely. And that's another time you threatened to report me, which I assume is your way of trying to ignore the points I made about you. I'm sorry that you're stuck in the mindset that everyone is "flipping out" on you. I was trying to prevent you from acting like this to more people in the future, but whatever. I'm done. Feel free to report me and/or make another post, telling me how bad I'm behaving.
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