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  • There's a leak roaming around the webz ;D I've pre-ordered it so didn't feel guilty to download the leak. Man, you're in for a treat. For me, it's up there with "The Downward Spiral" and "Year Zero", which are my favourite NIN records.
    Little Witch Academia 2 by Studio TRIGGER — Kickstarter

    Hasn't even been a day, and they've already almost reached their goal (at the time of this writing), lol
    Haha, well, good luck! Sequential is such a fucking pain in the ass.
    I talked to Chokutsuki about inviting you to RoA, and she seems forthcoming! So, if you're still interested (and if you have the time), she says she'd like you to draw up a sketch of your character, and send it to her in a note, with a little write-up detailing all of the appropriate info (basically the character sheet requirements), as a sort of pseudo-application. c:
    Alright, how much did the tablet cost you?

    Is digital drawing better than using a pencil?

    I've gotten to do a little but not on a big enough surface.
    I gotta ask: did you draw your sig? If so, holy crap man. I love your work (either way)!
    Yeeeeeeaaaaaahhhh. I'm a few chapters behind, think he just met Sonic again in the street.

    But still....YEEEEAAAAAHHHH *high five*
    Curse those ass-kicking semesters! lol

    College starts again for me tomorrow, I think there will be a lot of ass-kicking involved as well this semester D:
    Duuude, don't even worry about it. If you like what Marvel is doing better coz you like their female characters more then that's cool. The one thing I gotta give Marvel props for is that they seem to have more popular female powerhouses compared to DC (at least to the best of my limited knowledge)
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