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  • You're a sight for sore eyes :eek:

    We've never really talked but still, you're a rare visitor
    While I'm very glad you're not complaining, I'm afraid I must complain about your lack of internet access :( (p.s. I totally know you missed me the most :) )

    Ouch :( Sorry you're in a sticky situation, especially one dealing with something as er 'messy' as love. I hope everything works out for the better! Also good luck getting a job ;3; I'm sorry you're finding it difficult to find one. I'm surprised since you're so smart and such. And yes, I promise you things will get better!

    I'm honestly really confused as to how you knew my name. It's really bugging me, because I don't remember telling you! I'm not disturbed or anything, actually, I'm flattered! You can call me any of those except Stephen, because in my case, it's Steven :3. As of right now I'm lying in bed, sick, and must be off to work soon, which sucks, because I'd like nothing more than to lie here and DIE. I honestly haven't had much of anything going on at all, just school and work, it's actually quite boring and sad. I wish I could tell you more ;(. Though I'm sure I'll come back here to edit this since you'll more than likely won't respond for a long time D8, even though I hope you respond soon! (Especially since I really want to know how you know my name :x)
    Eli-love! <3 It's so lovely to see you on ;3; I hope the world's been kind to you as of late.
    ELI! <3 hey! things are wonderful! school is really fun actually, all my courses are so interesting and I'm making a lot of friends. :3

    how's life for you?! <33
    Ah, Eli. It's been too long. I've been great, although I've cut back on my reading, unfortunately. Life is grand though, I have no complaints. How have YOU been? It's good hearing from you.
    Oh goodness Eli, you sure know how to flatter me <3. Hmm, last few months, I don't think anything much exciting has happened, except maybe my promotion. School is just bleh. Mostly I just hang around the house, work, and go to school. Kind of boring really, but then again, I don't do well with busyness. Thank you for your confidence in me, I hope I'm good for the position! I don't want to disappoint anyone.

    How about yourself Eli?!
    Holy smokes Eli! I saw you online and I just had to say hello and that I miss you and that I hope you have a very lovely Christmas :3 <3
    Can't tell you how pleased I am that someone else loves House of Leaves as much as I do. Where I live, people with the literacy and interest in experimental novels of that type are few and far between.
    akdglfdkg;k ningy was homeless too this year, you guys should chat it up. he has a new perspective on life, it's snazzy.

    last week or so, idk I'll probably brush up on violin & vocal lessons before I have to try out for choir and such at my new school. I might do this pocahontas fandub with gildragon if I get it finished hehe.
    Not really anywhere. I was on Randall just driving around with my friend but yeah. D: Do you know a girl named Maggie by any chance? Red haired. She hangs out with a couple Crystal Lake people so yeah.

    And I've been good, how about you?
    Aww Eli, you're so nice, really, I love talking to you. Nothing has really changed, looks like I'm buying my own car with my extra financial aid money (which I had planned to put towards my future dorm at NKU after my two years here at community college). It sucks. I hope life is treating you better ya?
    :3 eehehe. kay! yes I am doing practically nothing, other than finishing classwork [that's what I meant.] I missed like all of my junior year so I've been making it up this summer oh boy it is fun. CHEMISTRY when all my other friends are out shopping and partying, this is the life.

    SEPTEMBER 7TH the date is ingrained in my brain.
    y-you suppose. ;__; and PRETTY COOL?!

    nothing!! i work, and after that it's been a super duper lazy summer!
    Oh jesus Eli, you have no idea. Everything is going on at once; driving, school, financial aid, disappointments. . . I feel like I'm about to burst with stress. Like my financial aid is being processed slower than anything, and I have to pay tuition by the 20th. I found out my grand parents aren't buying me a car like they did for my sister. I have no clue as to why for that. Also work. And everything. I'm not sure how much longer I can go on like this. It's all getting to be too much.
    I'm doing fine, I've been smoking a ton more weed, I got off the Celexa but they put me on Zoloft, so now I'm taking Klonopin and Zoloft for the anxiety/depression, but I don't think I'm going to take Zoloft. Pot is helping just fine, I've been in better moods lately. You should start going on #junes man, it's pretty fun. I just get high and everyone talks about random shit, it's a good time.

    And good luck rolling! I'm pretty jealous.
    Hey man'g, I just finished Children of the Mind, it took a little while, but man it took awhile because of Summer etc. Honestly, it was a pretty easy read, especially when compared to Speaker for the Dead, and of course, Xenocide.

    So, my thoughts on the conclusion? I wasn't as shocked as I thought I would be. I was expecting something crazy to happen, like Lusitania blowing up, or. . . Lusitania blowing up. I also was expecting Ender just to die, and not get transferred to Peter's body. That actually made me pretty sad (that Ender essentially became Peter), because even though I know the new Peter isn't the same as the old Peter, in my mind, I still hate that bitchy older brother from Ender's Game.

    But it's hard to think of everything that I thought specifically about the series. It's kind of funny actually, the other night I stayed up until 4 in the morning talking about the series with some of my friends. It was a good 3-4 hour discussion, and I loved it.

    It really was a good ending to the series, I think. Jane's predicament was crazy, and I loved how Malu was so in tune with the philotic linkings, that he knew exactly what was going on. It was interesting how she started being viewed as a God near the end, but I wasn't necessarily sure that I viewed her as one, tbh. Then again, it would be hard too, only one people thought of her as such.

    Man, I really just don't know what else to say. There is so much to talk about, but it's hard to just think up stuff off of the top of my head, you know?
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