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  • i am starting A NEW STAGE in my life desu. now i am in an apartment between the two big cities in minnesota for senior year and then i will start college. ]:
    me and my family thought it would be best to move out early and stuff so :3
    Aww Eli I never doubted you! I just thought you could use a friendly reminder. Ya know! And that's ok I'm usually slow with replies too. But lately I find I'm on this site longer than usual, so I just wanted something to do.

    Oh yes, yes, I love having no sleep schedule or having to go to school, it's all fine and dandy, I recently got a new laptop which is great because now I never have to leave my room if I'm feeling particularly antisocial.

    Haha Carson, she totally wants me, I mean she won't say it, and I can't blame her because I won't say it either. Both of us feel vulnerable saying it haha, but I can tell, she's always saying how hot and cute I am, and she said I'd make a great boyfriend and such. However, our monstrous work schedules have by far inhibited us from seeing each other, which is quite sad, then again I'm horribly nervous about it all! D;
    Well thats gay we should get it first since we haven't even had a chance to play KH Re Coded but I guess it can't be helped.
    Ah! Thanks! Sorry for lack of replies. My summer is becoming a very flaky friend. One day I just want to watch movies all day, some days I just want to read all day, some days I hang with friends. The one thing that doesn't occur very often is days when I want to chill at the computer! Anyway, Summer has been alright.

    And I wouldn't congrats me on Carson yet, she's extremely pretty and nice but she's a very fragile person. Why, just today I had to console her because he ex-boyfriend didn't want to get back with her. I'm supposed to hang out with her tomorrow. But I dunno, I just get so nervous thinking about it, I mean I just imagine her crying the whole time. And I know I can barely speak around her because I had psych with her.

    Well, I would recommend the Ender's Game series. But, it seems that you've read most, if not all, of those.

    I only read the first of the Game of Thrones (George R. R. Martin) series, but I'm about reread it, and hopefully finish out the series. However, if you decide to pick up the book, I would say make sure you pay attention, because everything in it matters. The plot gets really 'hairy,' and if you aren't paying close attention, you'll lose yourself.

    And, if you're looking for a change of pace, I would recommend Maus: A Survivor's Tale (Art Spiegelman). It's a graphic novel, but it won the Pulitzer Prize, so it's definitely worth checking out. Spiegelman works with the pictures really well, and it's awesome the details and symbolism he is able to incorporate because of the format of the novel.

    Besides that? I honestly can't think of much. I decided that I would try to finish up as many of the series that I started when I was younger this summer, so my current reading list is composed of books from the Pendragon, Inkheart, Ranger's Apprentice, Redwall (though that's really only the newest book he released), The Wheel of Time, and The Fire Within series. Pretty childish altogether, but I'm hoping that I haven't missed the window where I can at least enjoy reading the books, if not get something out of reading them. It just irks me that I have left so many series unfinished.

    But yeah, I guess that's my two cents. I, of course, recommend all of the series that I am rereading (well, maybe not all of them. I have yet to see how the years have changed my literary views), but I'm not diving too deep into "profound" literature this summer.
    I really do recommend that you read A Separate Peace, despite what most people in the lit section seem to be saying.

    I really related to the book, and liked it a lot. Maybe it was because I had a good English teacher, but I think you will at least get something out of reading it.
    So wait do you know if KH Re Coded will be coming to USA first or Japan first? I think it should come to USA first since we haven't played the game yet.
    my friend that told me to come here doesn't come here anymore though, his name was Shadow at one point he doesn't talk to me anymore though. I've been really busy so it was like almost a year ago when he told me to come here. I just got some time to my self now.
    Hello my dearest friend and fellow high school grad (assuming you have graduated by now)! I hope you are doing well! Ya know, I get on here like every freaking day and find I have nothing to do. So you should talk to me some more and give me something to do. Now more than ever I need ya to reply pronto homes! Love ya! <3
    Nope,I'm fine,thanks for helping!^^
    Haha well I know I like fast responses (I pardon you a lot though, or else, that might as well be hypocrisy on my part) so I feel bad if I wait too too long.

    Oh god yes, yes. School, I can't stand it, yet I know I'll shit my pants once I know it's over. It's scary to think I won't have anything to do really. Though I suppose I can manage to keep myself preoccupied. I plan on buying a lot of movies this summer, I like movies. You are so lucky having the opportunity to move out of the house. I swear I'd spare a limb to do so myself, unfortunately, such chances don't come very often when you live in a small town like me. Not to mention I don't have very many friends to begin with seeing as I'm pretty much the epitome of social retardation.
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