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  • Yu might have missed some stuff, but I won't spoil it for you. However, you should watch them all to enjoy and find some goodies for future films like Civil War. Oh, if you like the films then check out the TV series 'Agents of SHIELD'; it takes place after the events of the Avengers and continues on to Phase Three. It recent finished its second season, so.

    All of them has direct or indirect stuff of references like in one episode of SHIELD, one of the reporter talks about Daredevil, so it really shows the connectivity of the MCU in its entirety. :)

    Lol, I'm an huge nerd just from telling you this, huh?
    I know, right? Civil War is so going to be huge! Also, don't forget about Ant-Man coming soon; that'll be something to see for the summer. :)
    You sound like Rita from Tales of Vesperia and I meant it in a good way. :3 but yeah, I don't really like losing as well.

    I d hope you will. It's so much fun and quite honestly, you'll never see it coming at the end. So much going on!
    That's probably why I stopped playing, lol. But I do wish you luck on getting your team all ready for battle.

    I've been doing good; just working hard on those rps of mine and debating on joining one when I'm with SAO RP, so decisions on that. As for gaming, I'm on the path to getting Arkham Knight by playing Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. I still haven't played Origins yet. :/

    Oh, have you seen Avengers 2 yet? I saw it and it was fun to enjoy! :D
    Ha! :D

    Oh, which team are you gathering? I haven't played a Pokemon game in a long time, so I'm rusty on it. Ah, it must be nice to have some couple of days off to catch up on stuff.
    *smirks* You're still hung up on that from SAO RP, aren't you? And I'll do that in the morning..

    So, how have you been doing, Inner?
    I'll be happy to see the MCU version of Spiderman because that's where he belongs. :D

    Yep. *sneezes* Sorry! I'm battling a cold one day before AoU.. Terrific! :/
    I'm almost done with the marathon; Just got to finish up Iron Man 3, Thor: The Dark World, Captain America: The Winter Soldier since it leads up to AoU. My PS3 is having problems accessing with Blurays and I can't figure it out. :/ Which is why as of now, I'm using the PS4 for it.

    He's an mixer of a wiener and rat terrier with black fur, white on his neck and face. Of course, he's old, so that's to be expected.
    Are you looking forward to Avengers: Age of Ultron? I am so ready for more Hulk moments. :3 Also, Batman: Arkham Knight is coming as well! :D

    I have a dog who is 14 years old and still going strong and loves, loves, loves horses since ever I saw one when I was little.
    Would you like me to review it, give you some ideas? I'll be willing to do that. :)

    I'm going to give it a shot, though. So, um.. What's your hobbies or interests?
    Do you need any help with your temp? And it's okay. I've been busy as well and to be honest, I'm wondering if it was a good idea to start another RP when I already have one with a few friends of mine.

    I had every intention to do a Infamous RP based on the game series right after the events of Second Son, but somehow it turned into this.. Not to mention, I've got a very sore throat to deal with.
    I don't think its up anymore :I

    It was this really old RP, where it was like a high school but with KH canon characters and OCs, it was cringey tbh.
    Do you remember the old KH high school RP? I think something like that. Literally just AU Slice of Life stuff lol
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