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  • Yeah I know I know, but still. So what's been going on in the life of InnerPeace as of late.
    Thanks dude! I just now noticed I left you hanging on that last VM as well, sorry about that dude.
    Cool! Just keep on listening and I'm sure you'll be back to writing in no time. :D

    No problem! It'll be pretty chill since this is a first for me or anyone else to do a superhero role-play, so.

    Ooh, that is interesting. I'll be sure to read all your works and I'll be looking forward to it as well.
    Ooh, the dreaded Writer's Block! D: maybe some music can help break it?

    Oh, that's okay and it's still open for you to join in anytime. :D So, what is Ripple about?
    Hey, Innerpeace! :D

    How are you doing and I'd like to tell you that the Miracles has been reborn in an all new RP now and if you're still interested in it, just bring over Dani and we'll be golden. Honestly, I need to get my butt in gear for my first post so the ball can be rolling.

    And yes, Persona Frozen is back in business, thanks to CD-Mann and some few guys still active. :D I was just checking my stuff when his post popped up and realized how much I missed reading their stuff, including yours as well. :p I got to say, Crystal is way more interesting because of the ping pong game with her shadow.. At least I think it is Crystal. o_O
    I get that. It could be hard to watch the anime, since some of it was filler mixed in with the plot, or it got a little too out there. I haven't read all of the manga, and I was surprised how the manga ended, when I cheated and read the last chapter for it. The manga did have a better ending than the anime did though. :3

    Oh, I've heard of Steven Universe! I imagine it's good, if you changed your avatar because of it. I know it's popular based on what I see around the internet. Is it better than Adventure Time or Gravity Falls. (I couldn't get into Adventure Time, but I do like Gravity Falls.) Your welcome! And thanks! :D
    I'm not sure what your avatar is, but it's cute. =) As do I! Did you read the manga of it too? (I haven't read the manga, just watched the anime.) Yeah, Excalibur is a bit of a handful and slightly full of himself. lol. Man, I have a hard time picturing Kanji singing, but it is hilarious.

    I've been okay, enjoying a slice of pizza and watching some Game of Thrones at the moment. And should I not be around during the holidays, I wish you a Merry Christmas ​and a Happy New Year!
    Are you a fan of Excalibur from Soul Eater btw? I always catch myself checking it out, whenever I see you post somewhere. xD

    That's good to hear! Seems like everyone is working a lot lately with the holiday rush approaching and whatnot. :3 Well, don't over work yourself too hard!
    B-But it's my favorite line in the RWBY opening theme song! It's worth the risk! I can handle seven years of bad luck! I'm already accident prone, so what's the worst that could happen? xD How are you, InnerPeace? :D
    Oh, at least you got it back now.

    Cool, and I got to see Ant-Man while I was on vacation in Colorado; I thought it was awesome and funny. I believe that Sam and Scott's fight was the highlight of it along with many others. I should try to pick up the newest comic of Ant-Man. I think I'm a fan of him now. :3
    Isn't it, is it? I think this is a good example of understanding our heroes.

    So, how are you doing? It has been a bit since we last talked. What have you been up to?
    Hey, I was just surfing the net because of boredom when I stumbled on this: Do Superheroes Still Need Moral Codes? | moviepilot.com

    You should read this. It is so interesting and it makes you think hard about who you are and what your mortals should be. Plus there are some real life stuff that makes that post so right in a sense, you know?
    Loki is probably the best Marvel Villain for the films, huh? Well, Ultron comes close to it, though.

    Okay. :)
    Awesome! I thought all of them were awesome, but I'd say Captain America: The Winter Soldier took the cake. :3

    By the way, I'm holding off The Miracles RP for a bit; I feel like I'm rushing too much on it so...
    No, it could count for something like this too. It isn't exclusive to writing contests and can count for other things people ship for their otp. ;3
    Absolutely. xD I don't have a Persona RP Award, but I could potentially give you the Shipper's Award, if you like? =D
    It was a mistake last night! I was so tired and my brain didn't realized it by then. And it's the first picture. :p

    True, you're right about that. :)
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