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  • I wish. He seems to be getting close to Kat, but she's getting close to Christian who got close to Tara, while Tara's ex Ethan is getting close to Abigale.

    This is one of the times I wish I had a twitter so I could contact Tom Green and ask him if he knows.

    Year 11 :3
    I thought he was Aboriginal D: I have no idea.That's more than I know. I only know that Ben has a big secret and Grace was kicked out of the Royal Dance School.

    I seriously wanted Sammy and Ben to be together. I don't even know the Aboriginal boy's name, or what he's doing there. He was kinda just thrown into the trailer.
    More than pretty.

    If you still have the original go here Free Online Image Editor and follow through. Just resize it to the dimensions the forum allows and it will work.
    In the ending of my story, I was going to show Ienzo becoming a Nobody. And Xehanort never attacks him or anything. The setting is totally different too. And when Ienzo becomes a Nobody he already has made himself look older. So... it contradicts virtually everything seen in the DDD clip.
    Hm, I didn't really get that from the conversation. I was actually thinking about finally finishing the story a couple weeks back, and then I started my first year of college, and... well, RL kinda sucked away all my time. And now just when things have calmed down a bit, the DDD trailer comes out and contradicts the ending to my story. Noooooooo! I might still finish it for giggles, but I'm depressed that I can't fit between the cracks of canon any more.
    Wow, I remember Exvind, he was fantastic. Shame he's not around any more. You're pretty darn good too, though. I know it's been a while, but your fanfiction was a very good read.
    that was a joke...i'm not really audo, in fact, he was sort of a prick (who could write really well)
    Haha, nice to hear from you again. I've been wondering whether to start that up again or officially cancel it. The last few months have been so amazing hectic for me that I haven't had a chance to write anything. And I've just been overanalyzing what I already have that whole time, so I'm kinda iffy about my story. But I might just work on it again now that things have settled down. My only problem is, the other reason I haven't written anything is that I've been stalling hoping to get some confirmation from Nomura on whether Ansem was banished by Xehanort or Xemnas. As random as that sounds, it's really important to the plot. Thanks a lot for bringing the story up though; it makes me happy that someone was enjoying it.
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