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  • This is true. Even so, I don't like too much of their stuff, personally. Just a couple songs here and there.
    Noooot many people here are fans of theirs. They're a guilty pleasure of mine, actually.
    D: It's fine I understand. I took you off the list a while ago. I just wanted to know.

    And yeah but a lot of the people just don't like that genre of music as a whole soooo yeah.

    I still don't really understand why you needed to put in the exclamation mark personally. :c
    I chose to avoid the actual swears because often times I've seen people get in trouble for the explicitness. Depending on what I feel though, I may just edit them in normally. Better safe than banned, haha
    Here. The clip itself is from this video (accompanied by, uh, not such a fantastic song). :D
    Thats cool and that sucks. It's cool that BBS has sold out already but it sucks you couldn't get it.
    Lucky :p Waiting till friday is going to kill me haha.

    I think that someone def. will scan the pages. Would be cool to have the art book though. I like pictures xD
    Haha, Sammy always shall rule the hotness quota, but Jonathon is a good second :)
    It's so annyoing isn't it haha. Especially when you don't realise it and you think you posted it on the other persons :p

    Have you pre-orded Birth by Sleep? I can't wait til Friday to play it(only time I can pick it up). So excided :D:D
    :D And tell her it's starting up again really soon.
    Hmmm, maybe it's just for the older series
    It's a good show. Jonathan is really hot :D
    They're releasing Glee as a whole on the 22nd of this month! I'm waiting for that :D
    Not a big fan of doctor who but my sister is. Don't they eventually bring out a box set for it though?
    aw :( It's near the start. I'm gonna do that, minus the first one :p
    I hate it too! So much money is spent and lots of time wasted waiting for them to individually come out. Annoys me so much. And they did it with "Dead Gorgeous" too. :(
    I do too. My sister got me the first volume for my birthday, and I hadn't seen those episodes since I kept missing them, and I just loved how Abigale wouldn't sign for a new room mate because it involved Kat.
    Oh and have you heard Kat and Sammy sing the karaoke? That was soooo funny =)
    I was laughing so much at it. Such an awesome pic ^^.

    Have you seen this one? I couldn't stop laughing
    Fan photos from Dance Academy | Facebook
    OMG!!!!! hahahahaha that photo is sooo awesome lol. So they actually kissed?
    Can't believe I've been a fan of that page for so long and haven't seen that photo. thank you ^u^
    Pictures...or that bench scene? If the former than na, I haven't seen them :p
    it will be amazing :D:D:D
    Next year can not come fast enough. I want DA nows xP

    sorry, posted it on my page by mistake :p
    One of my fave shows. Glad to meet another fan :)
    Soooo hot. One of the reasons I watch it. I can't wait for more Sammy in S2
    Lol yeah, it seems him and Zac Efron have attracted the most attention, but I'm probably gonna change it since it's been a day now.
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