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  • Thank you for the feedback, Padlock--but you needn't worry so much.
    Because of the time skip (and because personal/technological problems happen), you're free to post at whatever time is best for you.

    I'll be honest, though: You show more initiative/investment than most, and it's really nice to see.
    There wasn't any new addition that I objected to, since the Gulgans were so obscure prior to that.
    I appreciate the personal approach, though, and you can be sure that I'll always be willing to listen to any brewing ideas. :)
    Oh my how tragic D:
    I have a canadian skins blog you can use. They haven't put up Alo's episode but they have the rest.
    I shall PM it to you now

    Edit: Where is your delicious sig from?
    haha, yeah, that's my fault. I've been writing a screenplay, which is written in the present tense. It get's confusing when I combine it with writing normal prose. I'll be more careful
    A few hours north of Sydney.

    Our cinema gets behind sometimes. Recently they had to post-pone "Tomorrow When The War Began" because they had other movies on, they're not showing Saw VII(Glad about that) and Paranormal Activity 2 is only running for a week. I was disappointed when SP wasn't playing here
    I bet it was =D

    I did see Scott Pilgrim. Just wasn't in Cinema's here where I live.
    Thats fine :p
    *hyperventilates and dies*

    I gotta order it!

    enjoy! So awesomely jealous of you! xD
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