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  • I did, I did. I loved the episode, naturally. My only fear with the 13 episodes is that they're going to be burning through things quickly. Super excited though :D
    Hey, don't worry about it! It just seemed like you were unaware of why we did what we did so I thought you deserved an explanation! :D
    Hiya! Hope it's alright, I wanted to reply to you about TWEWY news in here rather than derailing the thread as you deserve an explanation :D

    We made an announcement after KH3D's release that, with the TWEWY characters' recent incorporation into the series, that the likelihood for another crossover between the series in some way, shape or form is fairly high. We definitely should have done more to inform everyone so that it wouldn't appear to be so random, so apologies for that!
    I guess I just don't want to go through the heartbreak again ;A;

    Yeah, apparently it was renewed back in December, but I only caught wind of it a few weeks ago.
    He has more stuff in the next two episodes, but he has no reason to repeat third year now. If he were to repeat third year before, it was to be with Sammy. The best thing he could do after the mourning period is move on.

    That's not what I meant. Like, it's third year. How do you put new students into third year without having another Grace issue(being an better dancer than the others).

    Don't forget, they had to sing about it ;D

    Have you read the synopsis for season 3?
    The trailer wasn't that spoiler-y... It was mostly sad ;A;Who knows if Grace will repent her actions. Heck, I'm confused as to how she will be around next season right now. 2 episodes left, lots to focus on.

    I think Ollie is a main character though, which kind of annoys me. He's so selfish. And I hope they didn't use tonight as a reason to change this :/
    Oh, Sean. You weren't missed by me xD

    I LOVED ALEX ;A;. He was meh bby.
    But... I don't know... it's their final year. Would introducing a new character be worth it? They'd have a lot of catching up to do, explanations as to why he/she is dropping into third year etc.

    I was hoping Grace would be upset over the death, but the trailer showed she was still vicious with it all, which saddens me.

    His last conversation with Christian... God that was cruel.
    It was nice to see Ollie with the gang, but I'm not a fan of him. I hope they don't replace Sammy next season with him.
    I was fearing through the whole episode."Is he going to fall off that building?"
    "Will Abigail push him into the water and he drowns?"
    It was when the sirens were going I was like "ASKNFKIAREWBNGFIKSBEAJFbAEJLbnf"

    Next week is going to be so tough.
    I knew it was coming. Some bitch spoiled it like 5 minutes before it went on Iview.


    Cheers man!You'll get red, then plat, then you will be orange :3

    I know right! They are totes adorbs. Ollie and Sammy 5eva.
    Oh you're in Bris as well?! Haha what a small world or something, I think there are a couple of us on here who Brisbane
    Hey man no worries, I have absolutely no idea about the context of suggesting Boy and Bear, but yeah they're great and glad you like them!
    I did. Season 2, episode 1, Tony and Maxxie, the final moments where Tony writes his name.

    That's it, yeah?
    That promo scene is out of a different episode. Episode 7. Tonight was episode 5.
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