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  • You plannin' on doing anymore critiques for the thread at all? I'm just sending this to everyone since it's kind of been a while...
    I need to start rewriting 3 more... I'm taking so long~. ;-; I want to get it done so I can get to the juicy shit!
    Oh my god, thank you so much.

    Yeah, that was a pretty crucial part to chapter 2 and the story in general. Were there really that little amount of errors?
    Ahh okay. I hate when I think of something different for the story when I post up a chapter that moves it in a completely different direction, so I get that ^_^
    lol i could edit if you wanted, I don;t mind xD

    I use word so it corrects everything for me. hooray for lazyness!
    Same with me! I get distracted wayyyyy too easily! I like the editing part, it makes me feel good that i've actually finished something lol.
    I'm goo too, but kinda bored.

    Haha me too xD working on the fanfic/other writing projects. It's slow work xP lol.
    Would you mind rereading chapter two... you made me realize there was a section missing entirely in there...
    Oh, and just reminding you. Please only quote what needs to be quoted. Or use spoiler tags.

    and then have[./spoilers] without the period.

    It just makes scrolling the thread a lot easier for people and stuff. Having the whole chapter quoted just gets annoying, too. :c
    I read it! I have to say your fanfic is one of the most original fanfics I've ever read. Don't worry about chapter length, the longer the better IMO.

    I've been listening to "breathe in" by frou frou all day, its my current favorite song I guess, but it changes almost daily :) What's your favorite?
    Hey! Thanks ^_^ When are you posting your next chapter? it's going good im just listening to music and writing(the norm lowl) What about you?
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