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  • Do you Have skype, we as a group like to chat in a big ground together on skype thought i'd invite you and CME since you just got in.
    Hey I accidentally posted my tag in the creative media forum instead of the Digital Media forum. Could you move it for me? Please and Thank You :) It's titled Bolin of the Earth Kingdom
    Hi Pablo! I was informed by Sign, that i would be needing to talk to you to help me with a problem.

    Im trying to take control over the Signups/OOC, and The rp of Kingdom Hearts: The Apocalypse {Chapter 2}



    He said that it can be done by doing a merge from my post to the OP.

    And i have majority of the members support.

    If you need more detail i can go ahead and let you know whats happening and why its happening.

    But as sign just told me, Your not asking for my lifes story lol.
    I'll wait until Christmas. I have a problem. When I have a new AC I don't sleep. I keep a bottle between my legs in case I have to pee. I keep the front door unlocked and tell the pizza man to come inside and give it to me.

    I feel like such a faggot.
    Hey man it just works
    I will say this I LOVE its GUI. Except the monochrome icons.

    But yeah SL for life or until its not supported anymore
    I'm right behind you................breathing on you........

    jk Since your staff I'll tell. Go to currently online, then go to the bottom tab and select display all.

    But really I am behind you(I'm behind that corner), and so is Snow Leopard.
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