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  • If you ever log in again Danny...please PM me with your contact information. I haven't talked to you in years Manbro and I seriously miss you man.
    We should really exchange cell numbers, PM me next time you get on Danny. I really hate going months to years without hearing from my man bro =(
    Yeah just trying to stay on track with my senior year and everything. Its getting tough. What did you go to school for by the way?
    Yeah thats understandable, I rarely come here anymore lately. How have you been?
    lol i just got charged for the hosting of willyouresist. figured i'd get rid of the hosting since its not longer in use. just thought i'd let you know haha
    Soooooo..Will You Resist?. I think it's funny that for some reason this is still up.
    Oh my >.<'', I'm so so sorry, I completely missed your last vm!

    2ah msh meya meya bs sha3'al kewayes ;D, I understood it easily =3. I guess it is kinda redundant now XD, but never late than sorry I guess ^ ^.

    Happy New Year to you too as well ya Danni :D, may it be a most wonderful year for all of us!
    Ahlan Ahlan =3, Tamamz ya Masree ;P. Doing fine wi kolo great. How about you, 2ih el 2a7'bar 3andek =3?
    Best character, which The Joker rightfully won. I mean, no offense, but The Joker, is The fucking Joker.
    They made him whine about wearing a tuxedo in the desert and miss the award he was nominated for.
    Hey, you watching the VGAs right now? They made Nathan Drake look like a bigger idiot than in the Subway commercial.
    Hey Virus, what goes on? I noticed you haven't been answering me lately, I just wanted to say hi.
    I'm really sorry about that, I wasn't trying to offend you or anyone else. Sometimes, my mother's very extreme beliefs seep out into my brain.
    Sorry about my fuck up in the thread you posted about the new planet, sometimes I lose my train of thought.
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