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    Yeah man it's funny I was just thinking of trying to do a new forum skin the other day. One that's related to DDD somehow and maybe even have two, a sora and riku version. Doesn't necessarily have to feature them but just have aspects of their character traits in the game.

    I just want to do something again, I'm tired of logging on here everyday and just to lurk.
    hey man you still working on that mobile skin?

    i've got some new coding skills that i want to try and put to use
    dude I found one like a year ago and I still have yet to play it

    I've been preoccupied with new vegas, fall out 3, and re4
    hey it's got a demo for revelations too!

    lol but that's the main reason I got it, for mercenaries, revelations, and kh3D. I got a price cut one too AND got in the ambassador program :D
    yeah theres small things, but its not like its the difference between xp and 7. now if they did an update like that, i would be excited.
    When in doubt...

    how did you find that out?

    It seems you dont have OSX Lion..................I admire you.
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