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  • how's that?
    SotW 09 template retouched.psd

    Larger font is Arial 14pt.
    Smaller font is Arial 10pt.

    Dimensions of this are 2670x600 (length just goes up and down pending on entries, etc.)
    Should we take some kind of attendance for DM? Just to grab a quick list of our most frequent visitors and artist?
    Yeah, thats true I suppose. I try to participate in every sotw I have time to make stuff for.
    Got it. And pending on each week, we could just alternate the color scheme of the background with a different layer and/or texture to it.

    I have question though, can we access or view any of the threads moved/deleted after the merge? Like from SoTW 150 - 100?
    I'm ready bro, so grab your gear. When I stimulate a possible community event, I'll run it by you and then by Taylor before we commence anything else.

    If its not too much, do you still have the old SotW template Chris used to use? I only ever remember seeing Ty use it one time and he was a regular/Platinum at the time.
    people went nuts over that tag. it was one of the only times i felt proud of anything i made ;___;
    Use your mod powers to merge his post and triple D's, that'll resolve the ownership thing. Gildragon when he was a global mod did that for Zook after I left him SDD, he also happened to be the very second post in the thread. xD if you can't, then it'd be smart to ask a super mod or even Taylor and/or Eric.
    Hey, I had a very important question. D.D.D has been gone for ages, and I cannot even reach her IRL. So, we had a joint ownership of the shop, and since she is M.I.A it's techinically mine. Is there by any chance a way to let me edit the front page of the shop? I need to add staff members and what not, and there is no way for me to do so at this point.

    I suppose the only other alternative is to start a new shop thread, right? Let me know what my options are?

    Thanks, Pablo. :)
    I already promised I would post more this semester though, idk about err'body else xD
    I think the spontaneity is nice.
    I know what you're thinking, It's insane how actively I've been posting isn't it lol.
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