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  • There. I just put the default "I have the photo to prove it." and if somebody asks I can just show them via copy and paste the link I gave you :)
    Hey, remember when I was trying to get those awards and I was having problem imgur? Can you see these? Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet
    There are 12: Bravely Default, FF X/X-2, KH I.5, KH I.5/II.5, FFVII PC, FFIII PC, FFVIII PC, WOFF, KH II.8, KH II.5, FFXV, KH 3D
    Also, a few other things: 1. I HAVE the KH CoM for GBA but I can't find it, I don't suppose you'd just take my word? (It does seem odd that I'd only ask for that one specifically so that adds to my credibility seeing as I'm telling the truth on all the others)
    2. How do I specifically get the Mark of Mastery Award? Can I take a quiz? It seems inconvenient to just wait to spill my KH Lore knowledge
    3. How do I get the Jiminy's Journal (Just take pics of Ultima or something?) and 15th Anniversary?
    Hello! I was wondering if you guys got my PM? It's been a few days since I contacted you and I haven't received any responses...
    Embarrassingly enough, I only thought there were two seasons. I never had cable growing up, and it wasn't until a few years ago I was able to see the first two seasons on Netflix. I didn't realize they hadn't acquired S3 & S4. So I have a -LOT- of catching up to do somehow before the inevitable S5. Either way. YAY. The show always manages to give me all the desired feels. The art. The music. The story. It's just all bananas. Good bananas.
    Hey Spockanort! Thanks for accepting! :)
    I just wanted to share a crazy detail I noticed while watching KHX Back Cover, still don't know if its important or not but I would like a second opinion. in case this hasn't been discussed? xD
    Well the thing is that in KHX BC, Chirity tells us that Luxu dissappeares and shortly after so those the Master, but I remember watching in youtube that in KHX near the end when with Gula,after Ava "dissappearance", Chirity says that the Master dissapeared and Luxu went to find him and dissappeared second after the Master. Isn't that odd? If both, the movie and the game are in the same, why would that change? Unless is a bad translation for the game scene... but I don't think it's the case.
    Should totally have asked earlier (it was early, what can I say) l, how did you find it?
    Hey there! Yeah, I got Root Letter for Christmas, and I've just finished all the endings. I thought it was a pretty okay game. I wasn't enjoying it much at first, but I kinda got into the mystery aspect of it. Wasn't too keen on the reasonings in it, but it was fun to unravel it. Talking to the classmates and finding who they were was really fun. Also the game is really, reaaaally pretty. All the locations look really nice.

    I do not like the Max Gauge though. That was just confusing.

    I'm gonna clear it up for the Platinum now, like the Trophy Trash I am.
    oh, nevermind, i didn't see the thread for a second, seems it still exists q.q
    sorry! :s
    Hey, uh, just wondering why my thread about Nintendo approaching SE got deleted?
    Heey, how are you doing?

    Was just wondering, why did my post in the "Report a Member/Thread"-topic get deleted? Did I say something wrong or was it not justified or something? ^^
    Heh, almost forgot to thank you for that nifty Yuffie-award.
    I'm always convincing myself that I'm not overly hyped but it seems it is nonetheless the case and this got drowned in theorizing and anti-spoiler-buffer-posts. ;D
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