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Oracle Spockanort
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  • *sneak, sneaks up behind you* *POUNCETACKLECUDDLE!*

    Saw the whine about people exploding and not telling you news, thought you could use a hug. (I think people just get too excited)
    Alright then, good! Haha hey, Spock. I've been okay. Juggling a bit of real life stuff right now (who isn't though, amirite?), been fixing up a house today. How about yourself, what's been going on with you?
    You're like that kid in class who I know because we've sat next to each other forever, and you're a generally nice person so if someone asked I'd probably be like "yeah, we're friends," but now that I sit here and think about it, I don't know that we've ever directly had a conversation.
    *sees you complaining about ow again on Twitter* *Cure 6's you this time*

    I hope it quits hurting..
    Hanging in there and working on that fic tho sis is playing That Song again. *turns up FF Radio*
    Thanks! Now I get to do all those mod things that you do. And soon I shall know all your mod secrets too! >:D
    You should, because I just stare at him vapidly while he talks to me about the series. *has 1,000 games in backlog* But he indulges me whenever I talk about KH / try to offer tips on KHUX (he could care less), so it evens out. Haha.
    *shows bf KHIII Play Arts thread* BF: "Who is the person with the [insert 'Tales' character name I can't remember]?" Me: "Oh that's Master Spockanort. We play with her on KHUX." BF: "Oh, I like her." ;p
    Thanks again for the help. But anyways, how's it going? What have you been up to lately in life and the forums?
    Thanks! So, I'm having problems displaying images directly onto a thread. Do you have any idea how I could do that?
    Thanks for accepting my friend request! I really want to be friends with a lot of people here while also getting help around here. Given the fact that you are a mod, you seem really helpful and I hope (and I'm sure) that you are a kind and thoughtful person.
    Aw man, please tell me you'll change your Avatar back to the Avengers when the hype is over?
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