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  • Yeah. That, and it's clearly obvious that Naruto likes her. :/ So either she's a bitch that uses him or she's really damn dense. Even denser than Naruto was about Hinata liking him. And that's saying something.

    It would be nice if she did, and said that it hurts her as well to see him get so hurt over it. :c But this is Kishimoto we're talking about.

    It really makes me wonder what he plans on doing when he gets Danzo. Well, derp, you're going to have everybody after you. :/ So you'll most likely die. But I don't think he really cares about that.
    Well, he better. Because honestly, if he didn't, Kishimoto'd seriously be an ass. :/ I mean, hello? Being told that you're loved for the first time in your life probably is pretty earth-shattering. Even if he doesn't return her feelings, it'd be ridiculous not to think about her confession.

    Really now, I think the only ones who have any sort of logic left within them are Karui and Sai. >_>; Karui can call Naruto out on his bullshit and Sai can see that both Sasuke and Sakura are crappy friends if they cause Naruto so much pain. :c Everyone else just goes along with it.

    Yeah, Sasuke being obsessed with revenge is getting kinda old. :/
    See now, I'm mad at Naruto because here we have Hinata confessing to Naruto. >:C Not only is she being assertive, but she's also the first person to have ever tell him that she loved him. That someone out there truly loves him. AND HE DOES NOTHING IN RETURN. I mean, even if he doesn't return her feelings, he should at least have said Thank you or something in a flashback. :'C /NaruHina mode

    I think Sai should totally slap Sakura and be like, "Betch, plz." but that might be asking for too much. :C
    I figured that this way we would be able to talk about Naruto without being off-topic @_@;;

    And the only way you'd be able to comment on my page is if you're on my contacts, so... :3
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