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  1. Oracle Spockanort

    Official Shipping Discussion | kiss or no kiss?

    I was thinking weirdly enough for KH3, it wouldn't be a happy memory but a sad one...one of Sora on his hands and knees crying. After all, that would have been the last moment Riku saw Sora in that specific timeline before Sora goes back and changes time. Now I can't stop thinking about how...
  2. Oracle Spockanort

    Could the player be the Hooded figure in the cover art of Union Cross?

    It was theorized it was a bleeding heart vine back when the art was first released. It's hard to tell since it isn't exact.
  3. Oracle Spockanort

    No one likes Sora

    I'm going to say this is likely in the middle. Yes, it's clear he's tired of Sora and wants to focus on a different character, but also Nomura has literally said in previous interviews that he doesn't understand Sora, that Sora is his enemy, and that he sees himself in Xehanort (and clearly this...
  4. Oracle Spockanort

    No one likes Sora

    It's because Nomura had lost sight of what a character like Sora is. In the past he used to stay he saw a lot of himself and what he wanted to be in Sora, and then after the whole Versus XIII thing, he completely flipped and said he relates to Xehanort above the rest. I think this is why Nomura...
  5. Oracle Spockanort

    Worth Pre Ordering

    Same. I’ve been struggling with this myself. It’s why I think waiting for the demo will help with the decision because you’ll have a better idea of how much the game is worth to you. Because I’m sure even if you go the digital route, you’ll still want to eventually buy a physical copy. This...
  6. Oracle Spockanort

    The "Simple and Clean" Experiences That Keep Us Going

    If you are ever open to sharing the story, we’d all love to hear it!
  7. Oracle Spockanort

    No problem! I hope you enjoy it! (And yeah censorship sucks and I hope one day China will be...

    No problem! I hope you enjoy it! (And yeah censorship sucks and I hope one day China will be free from that, but they did what they could in the story to make it clear they are each other's most important person)
  8. Oracle Spockanort

    How come Kairi can't use Naminé's memory powers?

    Sora could only dual wield because he had more than one heart inside of him. Now that he doesn’t, he shouldn’t be able to dual wield. (Which leads to the question of how Roxas can dual wield in KH3. The answer is that he isn’t dual wielding. It looks like one Keyblade split into two. He holds...
  9. Oracle Spockanort

    Final Fantasy XVI

    XVI is rated M for Mature audiences.
  10. Oracle Spockanort

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS Chess Set in development

    The board is also not built for it. It's not checkered.
  11. Oracle Spockanort

    I said it once, I’ll say it again

    On that note, I'm going to close this discussion because this isn't going to go any further than where it's gone. Also, please everybody. Utilize the ignore feature. It's there to be used if there is a particular user you do not want to see posts from.
  12. Oracle Spockanort

    It's from a Chinese wuxia drama called "The Untamed". It's about an "evil" man who is brought...

    It's from a Chinese wuxia drama called "The Untamed". It's about an "evil" man who is brought back to life by a strange curse and he has to figure out the mystery of how he was brought back and why, which lead into a larger murder mystery in the story. It's based on a series of highly popular...
  13. Oracle Spockanort

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS Chess Set in development

    That or they need to assign the pieces roles.