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  • Agreed. But I'm not sure what it is yet. I think it might be that it needs a different outfit, but I'm still thinking up Sora's duds for the fanfic, and I suck at drawing. XD Also, it's a bit too "fierce" for Sora (but I'd rather it looking too fierce as opposed to being too soft and cuddly in expression) I imagine the perfect image has him with a serious expression like that of what he has on the cover boxs of KH1 and KH2.

    Yep! ^_^ And incredibly humorous too. XD
    Actually that bit is part for a sequel idea I've got. I'm still developing the overall plot, but old ideas of mine that I just LOVE to incorporate are showing up. XD Ironically enough, there's now an official image of Ven being possessed by Vanitas, and I could use that as a basis for my dream image of Sora.

    And I love that analogy! >:D Epicness!!!

    Yeppers! DF is a great band. Hopin' the new guy can take them to a new level of greatness! >:D
    And yeah, I love DF. Great band, though their lyrics get really cheesy at times (though, that's part of why I love 'em. They're incredibly funny Brits) The singer left the band recently though. =C However, the auditions on YouTube have shown a few good possible replacements and the band seems to have already found their new guy (yet to announce who though)
    Do you think the golden eye should be on the left or the right? I'm actually leaning to it being the right now, after seeing that pic, and remembering the badass Goldeneye dude from the PS2 game Goldeneye: Rogue Agent. <3

    I'll check it out! ^_^ I'm a big Code Geass fan, so I'm already fond of CLAMP.

    Yeah, he does (in my mind at least) I'm thinking of asking someone to do a photoshop of the image in my mind (Sora may even wear the Vanitas suit, because Vanitas and him end up working together in the sequel to defeat a being of corrupted light, named Shouten.)
    At the very least, Vanitas' features stay, because towards the end, although he is reawakened, Vanitas chooses to remain as a part of Sora, believing it more profitable for him than trying another one of MX's schemes. That keeps the golden eye, and the black hair too (both he and Xion have black hair) As for Ven, Sora bears a massive connection to him, thus the hairstyle also remains. It's a sad cost, but it's one Sora doesn't complain about.

    XD I just googled Watanuki. Looks nerdy. What's the new one look like? 8D

    D8 Where'd you download it?! I WANT IT!!! *Shakes lycoris like a madman*
    Okay! Note that it's all "Copy and Pasted" from my notes

    As for new ideas: I'm thinking of possibly creating a "mix" between my AquRa and SoNami series as a single SoNami series that ISN'T AU and picks up right after the Secret Ending of BBS. How can Namine work into this? Simple: her supposed "fake" memories in CoM were real, however, she/her heart has always had a frail existance so after Kairi arrived in DI, Namine ended up merging with her heart for support (like Ven did with Sora) and as a result, everyone forgot about Namine. When Sora sets out to find a way to "reconnect the suffering ones" (of which Namine is one of), Namine appears from time to time, having the connection to his heart, forged when he sacrificed his heart to release Kairi's. She helps Sora with what bits of information she has (after all, according to Nomura and DiZ, the answer lies within the data DiZ encrypted into Sora's heart while he was asleep for a year, and Namine being the one who was fixing Sora, knows about it somewhat)

    Anywho, developed more on the new fanfic idea; AtW states in the BBS Secret Ending that the key to saving everyone is the hidden data he hid within Sora's heart (a detail I'd missed when planning the AquRa series) Eventually, Sora utilizes the machines used in Coded to digitize the data in his heart, creating a digital world out of his heart. Sora explores this as means to try and solve the riddle to "reconnecting" everyone. The first attempt he makes, puts things into motion, but come at a price to Sora; his body is permanately altered to a mix of appearances similar to those in his heart (Ven, Xion, Vanitas) Sora's hair style ends up similar to Ven's, while the color is black (like Xion and Vanitas) To further complicate matters, Sora's left iris turns from blue to gold (Vanitas).

    It's my fanfic idea. But ironically enough, it emerged from a prank Xaldin did here this past weekend when he claimed to have "puzzle piece" images that S-E had accidentally leaked and were trying to get rid of. I was so excited, I stayed up waiting as we fixed the puzzle all the way until about four in the morning (on Mother's Day morning no less!) The first few "leaked" images were incredibly epic, and everyone there kept bouncing off the wall with ideas of what it all could mean. In the end, it turned out to be an incredibly ugly looking Roxas with a golden eye for his left eye, and dual wielded two Kingdom Keys, with Xion's back facing us, and Vanitas (masked) reflecting off Roxas' left keyblade.

    Again, it's a price Sora pays to get the "reconnecting" started. It exposes him to his inner darkness (Vanitas) and has his left iris turn gold as a sign. As a result, Sora even has to wear a Black Coat during his trip to the Dark Realm to find Aqua (he also brings one for Aqua, as she's been in the DR for 11-12 years) Sora's own physical appearance is altered by the presence of Ven and Xion's hearts within him, having now both been awakened.

    However, Sora is not the only one to be affected by the event; Riku slowly regains memories of Xion as Sora furthers his journey. And more than that, Riku himself begins to sense the presence of someone else within him; Terra (Nomura implied this heavily in BBS Ultimania, stating that when Ansem SoD took control of Riku, part of Terra MIGHT have merged with Riku. More than that, it could also be that either part or the entirety of Eraqus' heart could have also merged with Riku (don't believe that was stated in Ultimania, but it's a possibility I'm considering. XD))

    Oh and a world to expect is Bald Mountain! 8D

    Well, Bald Mountain is based on the classic Fantasia masterpiece; Sora arrives at the town, during the late afternoon time. Noticing the large mountain, and the fact that absolutely NO ONE is on the path to the mountain (in fact, he notices that the townsfolk all appeared frightened and are all getting ready to go to sleep incredibly early) After conversing with one of the townsfolk, Sora discovers the presence of a "black demon from Hell" living on the mountaintop, and Sora, remembering all too well, guesses it's Chernabog. Despite the pleas the man gives him not to go, Sora waits in the streets as night falls (the reason the townfolk all "went to bed early" was to avoid being killed by the demons and evil Chernabog ensues through out the town)

    Chernabog remembers his opponent well, and soon has Sora within his grasp (remember the part in the film where Chernabog spreads his arms down the mountain, becoming two massive shadows, spreading through out the town? He uses that to bring Sora straight to the mountain top. After a brief clash between himself and Sora, Chernabog drops Sora into the firey mountain to fight for his life against the demons and ghosts of Chernabog's army. As all of this is happening, Chernabog senses and even relays the message to Sora himself that Sora's darkness is growing. Sora is beaten practically into a pulp by the demons (after all, even a keyblade cannot destroy demons) He saved literally by the tolling of the bells of dawn and smiles softly as he hears the sound of Ave Maria beginning to play, realizing he nearly died from this clash.

    Thoughts? >:D
    Yeah. XD

    BTW, I've been thinking up a new non-AU SoNami series. Wanna hear the details? >:D
    I don't deny that. I'm liking his works a lot, but I'm suffering from a case of "Endofschoolyearitis"

    That sounds incredibly epic. =O
    A Joker project, eh? Sounds a lot more fun than the John Steinbeck project I'm doing.
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