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  • Again, don't quote me on that one idea, because I may not go through with it. XD But yeah, I'm an utterly evil writer. XD Even with my own original story and characters, I'm cruel to them too! XD

    LOL I love it as well, and it's going to be interesting to see why Vanitas targets Sora more than he does Ventus when Ven wakes up. Sora's not the only one bothered by the fact Vanitas looks exactly like him. ;D

    She'll gasp. And for one brief moment she'll see the Vanitas in Sora and shake her head off the notion, like she did with Ven in the one-shot. ;D Sora basically summons the KK and gazes into it. XD She'll think about it but I don't know if she'll say anything.

    Oooh that'd be interesting to read!!! ^_^ I don't know how I'll (or if I'll even want to) fit in Roxas, Xion and Namine tbh. I see how Sora can save Terra and Ven, but the others are a blur. Axel is obviously brought back on his own as Lea. ;D
    It'd be even worse for Riku. XD And actually, I'm aiming to be far more merciful to Sora than I was going to be in FoTD. ;D

    LOL Dead as a door nail, pushin' daisies!!! ^_^

    Yep. Then again, the same could be said with BBS in general. XD :heart: Vanitas is going to be awesome to write. And in the fanfic, he's constantly trying to hammer the idea that he and Sora are the same into our hero's mind. Very psychological stuff. ;D

    And of course there's the X-Blade fitting into all of this. XD
    Agreed. I've long thought Vanitas is destined to play a larger role in the series and now with his identity revealed, there's so much potential with this. Give Sora some really haunting moments. >8D

    XD Again, don't know if I will or can bring myself to do it. But it'd be a nice plot twist, if ya ask me. ;D Actually, in my canceled fanfic, FoTD I was going to have Riku get brutally murdered and the event totally changes Sora and his personality. And I'm usually the kind of guy that wants a character to stay dead when they die. XD

    To me, Vanitas is the villain I've been waiting to see in the KH series since the first game. Darkness Personified? Love it. >8D We've talked about the idea of hearts of pure darkness but it's never really been looked into until now. =3 :heart:
    Oooh I like it!!! =3 :heart: I think that might just be the one I'll use then!!! ^_^ You'll get credit, btw!!! ;D

    So what do you think about the stuff in the spoilers? =D

    In fact I might write a sequel or two with Vanitas as the main villain if I think up good enough stories for them (after I finish the first one, naturally. XD)

    In fact I've thought lightly on the idea of Vanitas killing Kairi in a sequel!!! XD
    What's Coalesce? D= *Is exhausted from debate with Annoyance*

    I thought of one... Fated Wing but I dunno, it sounds too cliche. XD
    Nice!!! ^_^ Can't wait to read the full thing when you're done! ;D

    Hmm... it's better than anything I'VE come up with. XD But yeah, it doesn't really work much. I'm trying to think of stuff tying to the words "connection" or "bond" XD
    You come up with anything yet? =D

    BTW, how's your one-shot coming along? =3 :heart:
    LOL No problem!!! XD

    True, true. XD

    Will do!!! ^_^

    Well, she gives it to him when they've both fallen for each other, but neither one's done anything about it. XD "You two look like a nice couple!" "WE'RE NOT A COUPLE!!!" XDDDD But yeah, both are head over heels by this time. ;D

    As you can imagine, Vanitas is going to play a role in this. As will Xehanort, but Vanitas may actually be the bigger villain. XD You like? =D
    Probably! XD And while Gaston is a decent shot, Alain (in my fanfic at least) is a skilled swordsman when times require it and wields a rapier. ;D

    LMAO Indeed!!! XD *Listens to "Saturday Night's Alright For Fightin'" while imagining the bar fight* LOL XD

    That would make sense, plus they even changed his outfit to a more FF styled theme, like Mickey, Donald and Goofy were. But their personalities never really changed. XD

    LOL It's not weird for her. XD Anyways, here's the description for the keyblade: a long blue blade, the back end shaped akin to that of the back of a wing. The key tip is two interwoven black feathered wings with a silver arrow piercing through them. The hilt guard is shaped similar to Oblivion, with two black feathered wings forming the guard, and a sculpted head where the gem was located in Oblivion. The keychain is the charm Aqua gives Sora. ;D
    LOL Yeah, I suppose that's true. XD

    Yep. XD Easy work for Sora. And one of 'em even smashes a bottle and uses the edges!!! XDDDD I wondered that too to be honest. So OOC. D=

    Thanks!!! =3 :heart: I'll give you the description of the keyblade in a little while, after I get back from buying my little sister a birthday present for tomorrow. ;D
    BTW, expect a darker version of Pete in the fanfic, inspired by the darker portrayals shown in The Prince & The Pauper and Mickey's Christmas Carol. ;D

    I need help coming up with a name for a keyblade. XD You willing to help me?
    Actually, I've thought about that idea of having him turn Alain back into the Beast, but actually it'd make his job harder if he did: He wants Alain dead, and killing him while he's weak is the easiest thing to do. The fight between Sora and Gaston is similar to the one in the movie with Beast and Gaston. ;D Now, the big question is this: If playing on Sora's emotions doesn't work, how does this fight make the list of one of Sora's darkest moments? ;D

    Him and the whole bar. Sora in a bar fight. ;D LOL XD
    You hit it on the button, he's gonna go crazy with the darkness. The natural question is how would I be able to fit him in, seeing as how Beast is already human by this time? Simple: Kill Alain and take Belle. That's his logic. And he's manipulated into falling into the darkness to further more important goals. He tries to play on Sora's emotions (as Kairi ended up with Riku in the fanfic, but Sora's already begun to have deep feelings for Aqua, so the plan doesn't work) But I CAN tell you that this has one of the darkest moments in Sora's life. >8D

    And not to mention funniest, at a different time anyways. Sora visits the bar while the locals break into "Gaston" and interrupts, "No one's got an ego like Gaston!" XD
    Oh and here's the villain to expect in Alain's Castle: Gaston. ;D I already got his part planned out. =3 Expect a lot of stuff from Alain's Castle to be in that eventual trailer. ;D :heart:
    Yep, exacta!!! ^_^

    Yeppers!!! I'm still thinking up which FF characters will show up, but I can tell you that I'm a big fan of FF7 especially. ;D
    No problem!!! =D

    Not exactly. It's sort of like a literary equilvalent of a trailer: Multiple different scenes written out and formed in a certain order to end on usually a climatic note. ;D You'll understand better once I do one. ;D

    Oh he knows alright, but he's keeping a tight leash. After all, one of the two DID betray the Org and helped out and the other just really took things too far with his desire for a heart.

    But of course. ;D Oh and expect Barret to be there too. =D
    Sounds great so far!!! ^_^ :heart: I like that it shows Aqua doing what she needs to do to survive. ;D

    Agreed!!! Right now, I'm just thinking up lines and such, but I tend to imagine the sensrory things along with it (eventually, expect a full-on trailer at the FC for this fanfic!!! ^_^)

    Thanks!!! :heart: And yet again, I agree. She's incredibly unselfish and a kind person through and through, with an injection of badassery whenever anyone's in danger. :heart: I'm actually thinking up a conversation between her and Isa & Lea, which would be rather humorous.

    Aqua: Who are you two? *Smiling and thankful for the help with a group of Heartless*
    Lea: Well, we'r-
    Isa: Just guardians is all.
    Aqua: *Confused and finds it hard to believe* Guardians? Why aren't you in uniform then?
    Isa: We're allo-
    Lea: We got a free-dress pass at work. Got it memorized?

    Oh yes indeed!!! And don't forget Tifa and Yuffie too!!! ^_^
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