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  • That's great news! ^_^

    BTW, have you joined the SoNami FC? I recall you being a fan. ^_^
    Not much. XD The AquRa FC's been a bit slower without you. ;D But then again, I've been busy anyways, so it could also be my fault too. XD
    Yeppers!!! =3 :heart:

    Indeed!!! And I'm trying to decide if Ven should end up with anyone. XD :heart:

    Agreed. I like FF7 alot, and VS 13 looks awesome (trying to remember, but I think Nojima's the scenario writer for that) But he's not all that great a KH writer. ;D

    I don't think there is... I could make one!!! =D
    Yep and even brought back some bad memories of a certain night where she lost everything... ;D

    Thank God Ven manages to drag Aqua out of the collapsing castle while that moment occurs. XD :heart:

    Yeah, that's a good point. ;D I DEFINITELY think Watanabe is the best KH scenario writer out of the gang, and I think it'd be a safe bet that KH3 would be epic and done right if Watanabe does the scenario. ;D
    Actually, having gone through it and rethinking it, after kissing him :)heart:) Aqua rambles her confession. They both say together slowly, after she's calmed down. ;D :heart: :heart: :heart:

    More like 30 - 45 minutes in their time, but yeah a minute on our terms. ;D

    Oh and all this happens while Yen Sid and the Horned King fight. ;D
    Here's my idea for the confession scene, though to understand it, you'd have to hear what leads up to this. ;D

    In Prydain, Sora throws himself into the Black Cauldron to rid it of it's powers (though he dies in the process) However, the three witches located in that world make a deal to bring Sora back in exchange for the Cauldron (like the movie ;D) And Aqua rushes up to Sora and finally lays one on him and the two both confess. XD Or it'd be Aqua that confesses first and Sora follows up, but I'm not sure. :heart:

    You like? =3 :heart:
    Very interesting question, but the answer is no. Ven's heart has already been fully healed and pertains a balanced amount of darkness.

    And Vanitas is now in a sense his own being. But while he isn't the full amount of Sora's darkness, he IS now more a part of Sora than he is Ven. He's an unnatural phenomeon, a pure creature of darkness, and is connected to Sora still.

    And an interesting note, Vanitas will try to possess Sora towards the end. Note the word "try". Sora actually manages to reject Vanitas and send him out of his body. And unlike the case with Ventus, both Vanitas and Sora are complete beings, so the move did bear chances of failure anyhow... at that time (note that this is a possible event to occur in a sequel. ;D
    I finally figured out what I'm doing with the "reconnecting" and how it ties in with Roxas, Namine, Xion, Vanitas and Ven!!! ^_^

    Ven's heart, as it resided in Sora's for twelve years, began to mingle in slightly with Sora's own heart, as to have access to Sora's darkness. When that happened, Vanitas began to reform, though now bonded into Sora rather than Ven. But as Vanitas was a being from Ven, he's not the total embodiement of Sora's darkness. It's merely what preserved him.

    And when Sora sacfriced himself in KH1, Ven's heart, formed with Sora's body and created Roxas. And at the same period of time, Xion was created. So basically there were several Sora clones walking around while Sora walked. This created a messed up connection when Roxas finally returned into Sora in KH2. Sora holds within him several different beings of himself and Ventus.

    But one being DID manage to avoid being reconsumed, thus being a source of misconnection and continued the unbalanced state Sora's in: Vanitas. When Sora unlocked his heart, Vanitas escaped and hid in the shadows.

    So through out the story, to "reconnect", Sora must do two things:

    1. Give Ven his heart back and therefore fix the "Roxas Connection", which wipes out the unbalances formed by Namine, Roxas and Xion. As Namine = Nothingness, she fades out of existance, Roxas is restored as Ven, and Xion's power splits into two and goes into Sora and Ven (being formed from Sora's memories and such)
    2. Destroy Vanitas.

    You like? =D :heart:
    Thanks!!! ^_^ And actually, I was already imagining Sora's helmet to resemble Vanitas' to further their connection and because TAV's helmets remind me of Batman's mask (which isn't bad, but it IS kinda odd...) I'm now debating whether or not to include a cape. XD

    Hmm... I'd rather have them meet at the Dark Meridian than at DI but that's all up to you. ;D I agree on the happily ever after part. =3 :heart:
    I suppose the best way to put it is a love-hate (Vanitas) vs a 100% hate (Sora) relationship thing between the two's opinions on looking exactly a like. Sora completely hates that while Vanitas does love the opportunities it provides but hates the personaluty of the guy who resembles him. XD Yep, that's true. And I'm trying to think up the designs for Sora's outfit and armor in the fanfic. ;D Black with silver/grey (in contrast to Ven's grey/silver with black) but that's only color scheme, and I still need to think up his armor too. XD

    Thanks!!! ^_^

    Maybe. ;D
    XD Nice. And yeah, it's incredibly easy to axe off someone in writing. ;D

    Actually, I was referring to Vanitas himself with that statement. He hates that his exact look-a-like is the complete opposite of himself and so bright and cheerful. So he tries to bring Sora down and make him feel the same hatred he feels. But yeah, Vanitas will attack Sora's friends, but he'll be wearing his mask most of the time (in fact he only takes off his mask in front of Sora and/or Ven most of the series. He's going to be Sora's Dr. Moriarty. ;D Very dark, mysterious and Sora's equal (well, superior for a while, until Sora really becomes worthy of the title "Master")

    He will. Think back to Yen Sid's tower in KH2 and Sora summons the KK and stares into it when he's told he's the key. ;D Exactly, Aqua's a thinker and likes to wait on things before rushing in. Very speculative.

    I really don't think any of them will be coming back. XD At least in my fanfic anyways. Not worth the trouble it'd take on my part.
    Again, don't quote me on that one idea, because I may not go through with it. XD But yeah, I'm an utterly evil writer. XD Even with my own original story and characters, I'm cruel to them too! XD

    LOL I love it as well, and it's going to be interesting to see why Vanitas targets Sora more than he does Ventus when Ven wakes up. Sora's not the only one bothered by the fact Vanitas looks exactly like him. ;D

    She'll gasp. And for one brief moment she'll see the Vanitas in Sora and shake her head off the notion, like she did with Ven in the one-shot. ;D Sora basically summons the KK and gazes into it. XD She'll think about it but I don't know if she'll say anything.

    Oooh that'd be interesting to read!!! ^_^ I don't know how I'll (or if I'll even want to) fit in Roxas, Xion and Namine tbh. I see how Sora can save Terra and Ven, but the others are a blur. Axel is obviously brought back on his own as Lea. ;D
    It'd be even worse for Riku. XD And actually, I'm aiming to be far more merciful to Sora than I was going to be in FoTD. ;D

    LOL Dead as a door nail, pushin' daisies!!! ^_^

    Yep. Then again, the same could be said with BBS in general. XD :heart: Vanitas is going to be awesome to write. And in the fanfic, he's constantly trying to hammer the idea that he and Sora are the same into our hero's mind. Very psychological stuff. ;D

    And of course there's the X-Blade fitting into all of this. XD
    Agreed. I've long thought Vanitas is destined to play a larger role in the series and now with his identity revealed, there's so much potential with this. Give Sora some really haunting moments. >8D

    XD Again, don't know if I will or can bring myself to do it. But it'd be a nice plot twist, if ya ask me. ;D Actually, in my canceled fanfic, FoTD I was going to have Riku get brutally murdered and the event totally changes Sora and his personality. And I'm usually the kind of guy that wants a character to stay dead when they die. XD

    To me, Vanitas is the villain I've been waiting to see in the KH series since the first game. Darkness Personified? Love it. >8D We've talked about the idea of hearts of pure darkness but it's never really been looked into until now. =3 :heart:
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