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  • Unfortunately, I haven't. I actually don't watch that many horror films to begin with, so I've rarely seen one unless it was previously recommended to me. I'll have to check them out though.

    The most recent horror movies that I've wached (most recent in the sense of when I watched them, not when they were released) were Yotsuya Kaidan (had to watch this amazing classic sometime) and Uzumaki (not as good as the manga for sure, but that's about what I expected).

    Though, I did watch the recent horror anime "Shiki," which has some of the strongest and best used build-up that I've ever seen.

    (yes, I know I'm a weeaboo :3)
    Oh, something else you might enjoy. It's from a group called "Serph." It's basically Instrumenta/Experimental music, and it's absolutely amazing.

    YouTube - Serph "luck"
    Yeah, though I can see why you don't necessarily see as many Japanese horror films as much as you might in America. The more atmospheric/psychological style of Japanese horror (thanks in large part to Yotsuya Kaidan) can be more difficult to keep from unfurling at its seams than, say, a slasher film.

    Honestly, I kinda wished they'd stuck with the "many years into the future" bit instead of the strange twin thing. Granted, that would've completely changed the climax of the story, but I really liked the concept of a virus that, when rendered dormant, completely screws up everything around it.
    It was a strange movie, but good. It felt like a nice blend of the more "Western" style of horror/sci-fi/thriller with the atmospheric and convoluted plot stylings of more "Eastern" films. Unfortunately, while it brought the positives of those styles, it also brought some of the negatives along as well. Overall though, it was an entertaining way to spend a couple hours.
    Just wanted to say I got into the Ricky Gervais show over the past couple of months and I love your avatar. Karl Pilkington is the man.
    This is so frickin' weird that some on here is so close, lol.
    Yeah, I go to Lincoln, as of present. I hates it there, but I know no one else out side of it, except for my older drop-out friends (dem idiots). :/
    Well, I used to like on the East Side, on 40th and I.
    Now I live in these apartments on 76th and Pacific, like 2 blocks behind the McDonalds on 72nd.
    And I too remember talking to someone about this... but a long time ago. :p
    What school do you go to (if you are in high school)? :3
    Decided to keep this out of the Sports thread:

    HOLY CRAP! I too am a Tacomian! :3
    are you online right now if you are i explained the plot of Arc rise Fantasia in simple terms for the club
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