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nelly <3
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  • 18, so this is my first year. And yeah, I love California too. Can't imagine being anywhere else.

    Majoring in Pre-Med Psychology. Plan to become a Psychiatrist.
    I'm actually going to CSU Long Beach for school haha.

    Newport's a little bit off but I'm pretty close.
    Yeah, gotta hate it when that happens. Dang, sleeping in the day? that brings back some wonderful summer memories. xD I gotta admit, I'm a bit of a night-owl, so I like to sleep during the morning and early-afternoon. Though, if mornings started at noon, then I'd be saying otherwise. :D

    It's a way of life. At least, it's my way of life. >.>

    Oh man, I need to go to Las Vegas. Considering I'm of legal age, I will be able to treat myself to the proper gambling and drinking lol. Oh, NYC? Dang, be sure to take pictures :D. And be sure to show me them. I loved when you showed me the sunset pictures. :)

    Aww, I'm sorry to hear about your dog :( *huggles*
    I got a dog who's near that point in her life. Gonna be crying like a fucking baby when that comes.
    Hahah, she's psychic like that. 8D

    I'm also getting back into working out. Not sure if you stopped or anything, but I did for a while. No more I say. :D

    For the most part, I've been alright. I mean, I can't complain. I was too late on signing up for classes, so I will have to wait another six months *sigh*. But it's not all bad, I guess. Like, I mean, I bought myself a NDS, and Pokemon black, so all is good for me.

    How bout' you missy? How's life been treatin' ya since our last convo? :)
    Oops, I guess I was wrong. I could have sworn she was British. Still, can't deny she's a foxy momma. 8D
    I absolutely love Jess. It might be dumb as hell in the content, but it just reminds me so much of the dry humor that shows/movies like The Big Bang Theory, and Napoleon Dynamite have. Plus, Zooey Dechanel is a doll. <3
    sorry babe for not responding lol, sounds like you've had a GREAT time though :D
    when I'm turning 21 I'm definitely going to Vegas and I'm taking you with me! I can already imagine us getting waaaay too drunk and having a blast. Another thing I have to add on my to do list :D
    ... Holy crap, my head is not being friendly right now xo

    Edit: oh wow, I tried something Julia (Shawty) once told me did wonders when having a hangover, orange juice. That stuff actually works! I don't feel like crap anymore :D
    Sooooo... I'm kupoing drunk right now lolol

    I don't have a clue why I'm here, guess It's part of human instinct. When you're drunk, go to KHI and talk to people lol

    So we had this boozenight again and it was kupoing mental. What's even more crazy is that I have to wake up at like 10 a.m. again (it's 5:25 am now) so yeah, that's gonna be kupoing hilarious! I had to talk to you nelly. It's like, returning the favor lol

    Woooooooww....You are seriously impatient....lol

    I was actually going through your posts earlier but I didn't find anything rep worthy lol. Don't worry, I'll rep you when the time comes. You'll love it, trust me. ;)
    Y'know, I've always wondered that myself. Like, I've been drunk quite a few times and I always am able to like, take care of myself. Like, I still know when I need to go home and stuff like that. You would think that, in a state like that, you wouldn't even give a single f uck y'know? lol

    Haha no worries there, remember that booze party I posted pictures from? Well, there are still a lot of'em that I ain't showing. I have my reasons as well lmao

    Weird how countries can differ so much y'know? Drunk people everywhere eh? I know that, like in Ghent f.e., in a couple of weeks there will be an event there called 'Gentse Feesten' which is basically a big festival in the city. I'm guessing about 70 % of the people walking there, are drunk. It's crazy.

    Or carnival in Aalst, a city nearby the town I live (the carnival is even one of the World Heritage Sites if I'm not mistaken). Like, when it's that time of the year, Aalst is full with drunk people. Like, the people living there work a whole year on that event, they live for it. It's crazy!
    Oh wow, that sounds painful as hell.

    Well, I guess hangovers don't stay in Vegas after all lol! Eh, at least you had fun right? ;)
    yeah i've been to vegas before

    granted i mean i was like 15 years old and i physically couldn't do anything but STILL
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