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nelly <3
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  • Not much actually. Just enjoying my vacation, unfortunately the weather isn't really great :/
    I saw that you didn't make it to NYC? How was Vegas?
    Haha well, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas sooo... who knows, maybe the hangover decided to stay there? lol

    You said that to your mom? Brilliant!
    That's okay, work has kept me quite busy as well so no need to apologize! :D

    Drinking in public = illegal in most of USA? Oh god lol. I don't think that's the case here. Neither in Italy. Yes, I am talking out of experience! lol

    Oh yes, lots of fun ugh! But they pay me so idc!

    Haha you have a good night sleep there Nelly, don't forget to VM me about your hangover! Nighty night! ;D
    Hahaha I'm laughing my ass off right now, most random VM's ever xD

    I'm good girl, I'm good. Almost headed to work actually lol. Oh God, if you're that drunk, then you're really gonna have one of the meanest hangovers ever lmao

    I'm glad you enjoyed the Stella though ;D
    hey it's not! I like it! & let me tell you, I've had my tumblr for about 2 weeks or so. it's so addictive :x
    oh alright, hope you'll have a safe and good flight then :) You get to travel for free right? I wish I had that opportunity haha.

    Yeah I saw it in the complain thread, you girl, need a break from work, damn you work a lottttt.
    Aww I'm so sorry to hear that :( I always hate it when things like that happen. At least you know he had a good life with you right? <3

    and yessss, but not this october and not LA. Hopefully this august cause I found a flight for €564 and I already got €420 so if I get the rest of the money this month I'll be good to go this august! soooooooooo excited!
    Omg, I was just about to message you! That's so awesome that you're going to NYC, & at least I'll be there a little haha. Say hi to NY for me :3
    & thanks hun I followed you back :D <3333
    Haha, Happy 'Muricurr Day! (You should post in the 10,000 Dream Eaters Thread, it's basically a place where eberyone talks to each other)
    How'd bingo go?
    I have a friend who once said she was going to try that. She failed badly! lol

    Yeah, I've seen it in the bitch complain thread, what a busy schedule you have there! D:. Be sure to rest well you!

    No worries, work comes first! Completely understand that! :D. In fact, work has keeping me busy as well! I got my paycheck today for the past few weeks. I earned pretty good, kinda happy about that hah!

    Other than that, I've been up to pretty much nothing lol. I'm gonna party tomorrow though hehe!

    How've you been? Other than work of course!
    I'm back! :D Sorry for the huge delay.
    My weekend wasn't too bad, I had a lot of work, but that's pretty good in my case
    eh, posts are just a number. you'll get there when you get there. the name color is cool though. haha and the bigger avatar too.

    oh thats cool. if you get a call from a guy flirting with you that might be me. i like pulling all the stops in getting sweet deals from service reps. haha what position would you rather be in? airline attendant?

    yes summer is great. i go out once a week or so to hang with friends usually. i'm leaving all next weekend to go out of state which i'm super excited for. going to indy for a vidya tournament. what makes you say utah couldn't get much worse? :p
    I've been here for about seven years now. And yeah you are way overdue dear. haha 1000 posts is still quite a sum though. Now triple it and you'll be plat. B)

    Sounds like you have a pretty solid job to get an hour off. What do you do?

    Life's been well. Bored as hell because it's summer, but doing well nonetheless. Working a few times a week, playing a lot of video games (mostly recently Flower and soon to be playing No More Heroes 2) as well. In desperate need of a social life lol
    I won't get caught up in the specifics, but my last account was deleted due to a debacle. I have well over 6,000 posts i promise ;p

    And hi there how are you. :3
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