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nelly <3
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  • yea anorexia makes u shrink sadly
    well right now i weigh 125 i think
    i dont like weighing myself much
    but i guess i have to get over it : /

    yea im medium framed with some bones sticking out lol
    i have big hips too as well
    but i just accepted myself since anorexia is torture
    like when i had it i wished i would die already
    it was pretty painful

    oh i had bruised knuckles too
    yea i heard bulimia is really bad for the stomach
    and supposebly that your teeth fall off

    oh that sucks
    for me i just was scared of getting fat
    like i would ALWAYS count calories and that stuff
    and i would chew slowly to savor it

    its next to compton?!?!
    wow i heard really bad stuff about that place
    oh well i did try cocaine and all these stuff when i was young to since i was a "punker"
    but i never found it addicting tho

    its cool
    my lowest weight was 89 pounds and i WAS 5'4' but i got smaller since anorexia makes u shrink
    now im 5'2'
    what about u?

    oh yea i was scared of food
    people would tell me to eat but i was so scared of gaining weight
    i cried when people told me to eat
    like i would only eat 1 bread, a yogurt, and some fruit like an apple

    so what were your symptoms?
    did u ever feel cold?

    oh i love mexico!
    eh well garden grove is kind of
    but not much since santa ana gives us a bad reputation
    well youre lucky they didnt make fun of you
    in my school people called me "skinny bones" or "aneroxic" or "bulimic"
    wow my dad knew right away but we never did tell my mom about it
    i knew she wouldnt handle it
    at least we're both over it now

    yea i know long beach lol
    yea ive lived here all my life
    and u?
    oh yea now i remember!
    yes EDs suck a lot
    especially when u start feeling sick and when ppl make fun of you makes it even worse

    so i heard u live in CA next to anaheim hill in this thread?
    in which city do u live?
    I live in garden grove
    got blasted at the side, but i was wearing a thick coat.
    the only thing that hurts is my arm, and it's a minor pain
    no scratches or anything.

    My sisters were crying and my GF came to look at my arm and everything
    just got into a car accident an hour ago. If i had pulled out into the turning lane any further, i would have been dead.

    Thank God I know a little Spanish thanks to the Spanish class I took when I started college. And now I know what your username means xD
    i'll just put these here ;D

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