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  • Honestly not really, I really should be but for the past 2 years I've been working Thanksgiving. u_u

    Though I may make my family the pumpkin cheesecake for them to eat.
    That sucks, eventually there will come a day when we won't even see each other ;~;
    no, my parents were totally cool with it. i think there was just a lack of communication between me and my friend in regards to it. we had definitely talked about it months ahead of time, but when push came to shove, we hadn't really made any concrete plans and so it all just fell apart, i guess.

    that is a little weird. honestly, i don't know why you'd up and move like that when you have a dandy life here, but hey, whatever works for some people. but yeah, i guess moving on is a part of life. and cali will always welcome you with open arms!

    yeah, thankfully my family managed to persevere. but those were definitely some of the toughest years of my life, i'll tell you.

    man, i sort of know the feeling. i mean, the OC is great and everything, but sometimes the bubble here just prevents you from doing anything too, too exciting. like, i love the scenes of LA and everything and i visit a lot because honestly, Orange County gets kinda boring a lot of the time. especially now, during the summer.

    hollywood is okay, i guess. i mean, i usually visit a few times a year and it's pretty enjoyable if you know what you're doing. it's just that when i was younger, my family would always just treat it as a sight-seeing thing, where you run around looking at the stars and trying to find the houses of different celebrities, and honestly, that's fucking boring.

    haha, i love the beach. my friends and i have been going there a lot lately...earlier this year, my friend Charlie actually taught me how to slackline, so i've been doing that a lot lately and it's just been great. but besides that, idk...i see a lot of movies and shit. there were a lot of grad parties about a month ago, so i was out almost every night doing questionable social activities, but that's died down now, so i'm busy looking for a job and such to get me through school a little.

    i went last year and i had a blast...i'll probably see if i can get a group together and definitely hit it up because it's an awesome atmosphere, even if you don't really care for surfing.
    i could probably talk to paolo about doing your name change, if you want.

    a close friend of my dad is actually a pilot and he was supposed to get a free round trip flight to NYC a few years back. i was actually going to go with my best friend, who actually has family there. so basically, it would have been a free stay and a free plane ride. unfortunately, that all just kinda fell through the cracks.

    i dunno...sometimes people just like a change of pace. i'm guessing it wasn't too easy to manage all that for your family, so maybe the pressures of just living in california got to them. california's a busy place...it can be hard to live here (i mean socal of course...norcal is a joke).

    haha, funny that you say that. for about three years while this was all going on, my parents were going through a pseudo-divorce. it was almost finalized, to be honest...they had told my sister and i that they were getting a divorce, and my dad even moved out. they were able to work past the problems, thankfully, but hey, our family wasn't exactly "strong" during the economic problems, either.

    wow, that's crazy. we're in a 4 bed, 2 bath single story house with a pisspoor backyard @ $2400/month. that's kinda part of why we're moving too, i guess. our new house will be 4 bed, 3 bath, have a pool...$2k/month. better!

    honestly, california is just always busy. there's so much to do here. and i just really love the lifestyle. can't imagine living anywhere else (except maybe NYC).
    I guess what i'm trying to ask is do you live in wisconsin? hahaha i think i recall you telilng me you live somewhere out west but i can't remember. ;p
    not gonna lie you look just like this girl i work with. she just started working as a receptionist at my college.

    depending on your response this could get creepy lmao
    Beer makes you do a lot of things lol. A lot of cray shit lol. Don't let it get to you
    I did change my name! So did Passion (she's Catwoman now!)!

    Free flights are admittedly pretty nice. I'd sure love to have them...

    Yeah, my family lived pretty lavishly until I was like maybe 11 (that's the OC lifestyle, of course). Both my parents operated their own businesses and they were both pretty successful, but then the recession hit. And my dad, he worked in loans, so that was hit both the hardest and first, so we got absolutely wrecked by it. We were okay thanks to savings up until I was 14, and then everything fell apart around us. My dad lost his car, we lost our house, had to declare bankruptcy, etc. Not too fun.

    Well, luckily, we're back on our feet again, so this move isn't because we can't afford the place. We're actually renting a house right now, but the guy who owns the house isn't the best, and he never responds to us whenever we try to contact him, so we're moving to a better house (that we'll also be renting).

    The OC is so expensive though. bleeeeh

    yeah, I would definitely recommend visiting Hawaii if you ever can. I visited Maui and Oahu and they were just some of the best days of my life.
    Yeah sleeping in the day is not good for the head...nor is staying up all night, which I am doing right now. >.>

    Oh, don't get me wrong. I've been to LG before, but I wasn't of the proper age. So, when I go back, I definitely will enjoy it to the fullest extent. Omg, lost at the airport? That's defintiely a story to tell your kids :p

    Omg, that's gonna be one you could put in your scrapbook. Or a photobook. Or whatever it is you have that you put your pictures from vacations in.

    Oh shit, only 2.5 years old!? Was is sick or something?

    :) I'm here to talk if ya want to.
    yeah, i'd imagine. a few years back, my family was pretty dang poor, and so we were moving a lot in order to find a place that we could afford, and i can just say it's absolutely exhausting. we're actually moving again next month (not super excited for that).

    well, best of luck with that. are you returning to Long Beach or..?

    yeah, definitely. i think the longest i've ever been away from Cali is when i was like 12 and we went to hawaii for two weeks. not that i'm complaining about that, though.
    Why do you keep moving around so often? :C

    Pfft, I'll probably examine myself to see the symptoms of California withdrawal.
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