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  • That there will be debate is almost a given, as for our debate I'd think we should do that beforehand, either continue as per VM or switch to PM.
    We need to evaluate these core arguments to which we can agree.

    Exactly, that's what I think is the crucial starting point and should be the first definition made before we go into more detail regarding different "types" of beings in the KH-mythos and how their "identity" (if they have one) came to be.
    On a whim I can already count five different types of "being":
    1. Regular humans (like Riku, Sora, Ventus, Terra, Mickey, Xehanort etc.)
    2. Special beings spawned from someone else (like Namin?, Roxas, Vanitas, Xemnas, Ansem SoD)
    3. Regular Nobodies (assuming they have their own identity and are not continuations of Lea, Braig etc.)
    4. Replicas (Riku Replica and Xion)
    5. Data Existences (Tron, CLU, Data-Sora, Data-Riku)
    We should maybe even look into if "identity" even means the same in KH than it does in Real Life.

    I think you mean the fact that one heart can feel what another feels with "emotions existing in two hearts at once", right? As each heart having the capability to experience the same range of emotions is natural and logical.
    This however, as is the wielding of the same Keyblade at the same time, has more to do with the connection between the beings in question rather than with identity I would say.
    I think Nomura even pointed that out, that Roxas could wield the KK at the same time as Sora due to his connection to him.
    Untangling the Xehanort-mess is however another big task in itself, lol.
    Ah, I understand, lol.

    That's certainly a possibility, even if our interpretations should diverge, we can make a comparison between them.

    I also thought of some more questions that may have to be asked in relation to yours.
    Like the first statement:
    Is an identity really the only thing defining someone's existence or just one of several parts?
    What does the "identity" even consist of/mean in the KH universe? Is it an equivalent to the consciousness? The sense of self? Do these words all mean the same thing or describe they something different? Memories sure play a big role in all this, but how tie they in with the other notions?
    As for the "same" identity being around, it's a very core question first if "the same identity" even can exist two times or if it is always unique like a Primary key in a database. It can have some elements that are the same, but you never get 100% the same because even the slightest different decisions and life situations can make a difference, resulting in a different identity.
    So if "identity" is synonymous with "individuality" then no, two people cannot have the same identity because it's always individual. Like i.e. with the Clone Troopers in Star Wars, they each can develop their own identity and them being individuals is encouraged by the Jedi, despite them essentially "copies" of Jango Fett.
    For KH Riku and Riku Replica are also an example, the Replica may also have the name Riku, but his identity isn't the same as the "Destiny Islands"-Riku.
    The few bits the Replica has to form his own identity from is his time at Castle Oblivion, the times he interacted with DI-Riku, Sora, Donald, Goofy, Namin? and the Org Members without being influenced by implanted memories from Namin?.
    Or to say it with Sora's own words:

    We in the fandom often call Sora a ditz or naive, but he gets pretty existential stuff out without realizing it himself (probably because it's natural to him).
    Those bold parts really drive that home, as Sora essentially tells the Replica that no, he isn't just a cheap copy of his friend Riku, he's an existence on his own who's just as validated as everyone else who got to come into being the supposed "normal" way.

    So, after a short brainstorming over it I'd say no, two lives cannot define the same identity because living a life is what eventually shapes and forms your identity and "core being" so to say (aka a Heart in KH).
    One exception I would be willing to make if the second "life" starts after the first one either ends or gets suspended, and the consciousness/identity is somehow able to be transferred and start to "live" the second life.

    I threw this stuff above out on a whim just thinking shortly about the matter, it'll obviously need some more "tuning" and more interpretation on my part. ^__^
    Yea, I probably write something bigger on that topic in one or two days after brainstorming. ^__^

    You DO know that you picked one of the most difficult and up to different interpretations topic that there is? Lol.
    Just like KH Insider, it will steal your soul! xD I myself have yet to play Revelations, so it may be a bit before I'm consumed by AC3. :p
    Eh, don't worry 'bout it, my internet's being really slow right now. How have you been? :)
    Yep. Perfect sense. :D I'm doing good. Dancing Gangnam style in the Kingdom Key Fan Club! XD
    I know you've little to no interest in roleplaying, but I visited your theory/analysis thread on a whim and found it struck a chord with the cosmological plot twist I've got going for a new story: The One World falling apart and KH descending into the Realm of Darkness is all part of some great big cycle, dictated by where KH rests at the time.

    In a unified One World of light, darkness and other things eventually corrupt it, forcing things like the Keyblade Wars the descent of Kingdom Hearts as survival mechanisms of compartmentalisation. Some time in the history of the Many Worlds, where KH is in the Realm of Darkness, light wins out, KH ascends to the Realm of Light, and the One World reassembles. Maybe it even brings with it all the new evils that were made possible in the Many Worlds, beginning the cycle anew but with more horrors than before.

    IDK, just a brain fart because I saw some resonance between my plot tweeest and your theory. Aside from all worlds being united, any ideas on what KH being in the Realm of Light would cause? Would Nobodies get free access to Hearts? Are Heartless and their ilk even able to manifest physically?
    Hey :)
    Sorry but whats the anime in your sig and whats the anime in your avy?
    Thanks a lot :D
    Well, as long as you like your own signature and it doesn't fully breach our rules, it's A-Okay.
    Me: *browsing forums*Friend: "JOSEPH!!!!"
    Me: "It's not what it looks like!!!!"

    There's another user with one that I think looks worse.
    i saw asian organization and i saw chicago and i just knew. Yeah, i go there. I mean, i did lol. I just graduated in may but that lame ass school sent me a letter saying i was missing a class for one of my majors so i'm in summer school right now taking 1 class.
    Oh well if it's not as bad as you may have made it seem, it's probably fine. I've had times before where it has felt like a really different type of high or more intense in some regards.

    But like I said if you're getting it from sketchy peeps then I'd be careful and really check it, ya kno.
    And you've done the same stuff since then and nothing like that has happened? If nothing like that happened the other times I wouldn't fret, but if you do it again and it happens then I wouldn't mess with it, and if it is sketchy for you to get it right now I'd hold off, better safe than sorry.
    Dude I'm a tard lol, this is the 2nd back to back I posted on my page instead of yours.

    Well if you feel like getting it is shady then I'd say hold off, ya kno? But so you said it doesn't feel like weed, what do you mean by that specifically, like literally nothing you've ever seen before? That does't sound good. Did it dehydrate you and that is maybe why you had the vision impairment and the sense of feeling loss of your body? Because sometimes if I get really blown I'll get dehydrated and that causes additional, what feels like 'effects'
    Are you being sarcastic about the 3rd world country thing and it being shady?

    Anyway, so what happened to you from it then that makes you think that?
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