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  • Nice one :*(..........................:lol:. Oh well, I probably wasn't going to post it anyways.
    Your welcome ^.^
    Or maybe the concept viseo was made for us to think that Vanitas came from MX to mess with us before showing that Vanitas came from behind MX
    Hey sorry for what I SAID In your Theory... I overpassed ... its not like I ment to amm make ridicouls there I just had like somethin and that something made other things... so pardon me Not ment to offend u or anything else mkay? Hope we can take the party in peace ... Im deeply sorry
    Well hai there, random question. May this be Finalform from khv?
    The first impressions that I get of people, while not final, are often quite close to my more educated opinion. So all you really have to do is keep it up. The somewhat discouraging aspect of all of this is that you stand out for being literate. Meaning, of course, that you understand basic capitalization, punctuation, and sentence structure. It's quite disconcerting that those traits are so rare, so much for the Information Age.

    Also, while I'm here, may I recommend that you check out, and possibly post in, the Non-Kingdom Hearts sections? I'm sure the KH sections have some redeeming qualities, somewhere, but Discussion, Other Media, and Forum Insanity are where all of the really interesting discussions and events take place.
    Welcome to KHI, enjoy your stay here.

    Hopefully you post decently often, you show some promise.
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