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Moonlight Aqua
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  • never played it ive heard of it tho its supposed to be good *tho i thats just G4 and khi here say*
    the gameplay isnt my thing so it didnt catch my interest.
    oh oh then get bayonetta!? :D its ps3, its cheap and it can take awhile if you try to unlock all the weapons and characters.
    i know but when i see it on G4 and internet its just says shooter to me.

    never said it was :3
    ah a shooter yeah i get bored with those :/

    there fine like if you have 4 or 5 playing multiplayer *like a few of us did in high school* but i could never sit down and play one thru.
    yeah they still sell them its easiest if you check some place like amazon.com or gamestop.com
    o3o college? what you gonna do?
    i never was a studier, couldnt remember what i read the night b4 so i did craming b4 the class bell XD

    Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    lol sorry i'd post the what its bout directly but last time i tried khi wouldnt let it go thru cause of how long my post was.
    of course contradicting things is fun ^ ^

    how are you today? do anything fun? eat a cookie!? ever play persona 3?
    oh. okay. You didn't have to really explain yourself lol I was just saying whats up to acknowledge you and let you know I knew you sent me a friend request. XD if that makes sense.
    I'm going to have to ask you to get a smaller image of Aqua in your signature. It's obtrusively large.

    Also, if you're responding to a Visitor Message that someone has sent you, make sure you post it on their page. People aren't going to get a message if it's not posted on their page.
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