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    tell me bout it but hey made my damn month XD

    HI! you did was it cool tell me! (cant watch it)
    why? beat awesome yo! XD

    that was one bad case of lack of attention imo XD

    rofl like their 'mom' ever did such a thing X'D

    hi! :D
    XD you do!? are you kh3d's version of Rhyme?

    or lazy depending on how you look at it XD
    more annoying but yeah XD

    X'D i know!!! i mean WTF has she been playing! best thread of 2012 right there.

    year ago was funny as hell, it went on for two threads made my fucking day X'D

    i'd love to stay but its nearly 3am for me and i work tomorrow so goodnight :D
    even with his batwings? :O

    ah that didnt have that problem i plotted whole escape routes in the original XD
    ah FFX, im already hating on FF13-2's for right now XD

    omg just omg she kept going on bout how a nobody isnt made til the heartless is destroyed and that riku had a nobody. so several members try to explain but damn...just damn XD she kept denying it posting "evidence" (that only said otherwise) pissed off the mods and everything. sh*t was hilarious! havent seen one that good since a certain members "mom" got his account and posted certain things.
    i meant i wish he didnt. xD mog is a he or at least thats what they refer to him as in game.
    ..you could them b4 xD or do you mean the boss ones? its more annoying as you go do to the fact of how much you need them :I i'd rather do without but if i did the last boss would kick my ass.

    i wish the person who decided it needed to be required after 8th grade was shot in the knee cap >:
    it is much better! music is fucking awesome! with mog didnt speak tho -_- he's like this games Navi.....
    im not fond of the monster thing either but thats just me XD

    m-m-math!? DX evil be its name i say!!!!!
    you should its gooooood. not to fond of the monsters tho :I i want PEOPLE not critters.

    i see :3
    been fine got FF13-2 last week been playing it (yeah thats the highlight of my month :[)
    do anything fun in your vanishing act? :0
    Well, it's been made shorter and thinner, to the point where it doesn't extend beyond the margins of people's posts when in general thread viewing, and that's the basic qualifier for if a signature is too large, so yours should be okay. From here on, it's more up to people's preferences when it comes to viewing threads and the area within them taken up by signatures. That said, you wouldn't really be under any obligation to change now if someone asked it of you.
    That's an improvement, yes. Wherever we spot people who've got overly large signatures, we ask them to downsize it, so it's only on a case-by-case basis of when we happen to spot them.
    Would you consider getting smaller images in your signatures, or cutting them back to one? Your signature would be considered by me (and others) to be overly large.
    Hello! You're correct, it's Korra (although the Avatar series is not anime). It hasn't been released yet, but will begin airing sometime this year. This is one of the leaked images.
    to visit? all those people? *does not comprehend*

    no i meant many on here arent people persons XD
    why? D: aside from the abundance of gamestop why go to a bigger down?
    XD i dont think many on here are honestly.
    thats still bigger than i'd like :/
    i dont like people enough to live that close to a city.
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