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  • ugh snakes are always bad here them getting in yards is practically common, but thats due to kentucky's enviroment.
    its all woods, back roads and creeks/ponds so the snakes cant be avoided. my dad kills them at work on a regular basis we even killed one out the back of my house last summer kuku i shot it with snake shot >:D it died heh heh evil bastards....
    the worst ones to watch for are copperheads.

    screw getting it i'd told them to get out of the damn water and wouldve shot it with snake shot!
    After Wayne Allwine and Eddie Carroll passed away, I sorta just didn't care for the games. I really only play it for the Disney. Mickey and Jiminy just don't sound the same anymore, their new VA just aren't in it. imo. Stupid reason I know, but KH has lost it's Disney charm for me.
    bug spray is so sticking tho T^T plus its not very effective on ticks.
    maybe not for you but im already killing yellow jackets and wasps here, i killed a fly as big as my thumb nail today!
    ugh summer, its only spring now but i bet even the snakes are starting to reawaken....
    XD wouldnt go that far humans have f-ucked a few things up but yeah most the time i think it just doesnt like me -_-
    and the bugs like me to much! i think the paleness attarcts them :/ like "hey! you can see his veins clearly! ATTACK!"
    New ps3? sweet. I found Riku's story to be easier then Sora's, then again, I played on normal mode. It was weird having all your decks prearranged for you. I had trouble with the last boss, thats for sure. I think I'm losing interest in Kingdom hearts.
    i love that polar bear <3

    its a bit wild honestly, some winters are mild while some cause ice storms XD
    same for summer some are mild while others are drought, humid filled hells >:
    I haven't really played any video games. I've just picked up some old games and messed around in them. It's not that I don't have the time, I just lost the desire to play. My sister actually just beat Olympus coliseum on Kingdom hearts RE:coded for me, so I might start playing kh:RE coded again, I haven't played since January.

    I posted this VM on my page..feel like an idiot lol
    what!? no cold!? D: oh hell no! that wont work! DX I need cold!

    XD the worst one here *that ive had* was an ice storm, it was oddly beautiful.
    ah, perhaps. Apparently you send me a friend request in September. How strange, don't know what happened there.
    hey, whats up? I thought I added you as a friend before on here, or maybe I'm wrong..I can't remember tbh.
    if your wishing to go free i'd best not to XD

    lol that would be true but the camo isnt as good unless i have no clothes cause the thick clothes...so yeah thats not happin XD no snowball title is worth freezing.
    HA! i'd be their flash light for catching others XD
    tho if it were a snowy day i'd be the perfect camo~
    XD if its all different what makes them think it'll be any good, the ones who do like the game like how its story is.
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