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  • Edit: Please Ignore these messages.

    My internet glitched out and quadruple-posted on me! :\
    Edit: Please Ignore these messages.

    My internet glitched out and quadruple-posted on me! :\
    Well, it's good to talk sometimes! Besides, as I've pointed out through example, it's okay to be a bit... lax, with replies when you're online. Walking away from someone mid-conversation and then seeking them out to pick up the conversation again a week later? I doubt that'd go over to well in real life! :p

    It's written and drawn by a Mr. Andrew Hussie, though I think he has a music team for when he does flash animations.
    Hey, I suck at talking, too! I still make it a point to respond to all the messages I get!



    Like, sometimes it takes a year, but I get around to it!





    It's my favourite Nirvana song, or, my favourite song that Nirvana did, I guess, so I figured that I'd make it my title or something! I just used the L33TSP34K because I'm a Homestuck fan, and it's fun to type it up and confuse people a little bit! ^^
    Wow, I do this a lot!

    One day, you'll actually respond to me, and inquire further, or something. :p


    And here is my reply to you! :D
    size limit is 125X125 I think. and you can VM me now, I enabled it again, for now. lol
    Yeah, I want to reach 1000 posts too, so I could actually make my Avatar have enough size to make some effects I could add and the picture's features more noticeable.
    By the way: I'm glad you took the time to notice my change in Avatar! I also noticed yours too, but I can't say I remember what your former one was.
    I got my new avatar at deviantArt. I would've used it in the first place if I knew whatever image you used would automatically become 100x100 instead of having to crop it yourself.
    Once again I return to enlighten you! :p

    It's a scalemate. They're plush dragons from the webcomic Homestuck.

    I hope that satisfies your curiosity! ^^
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